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Nique Nique & King Biography: Age, Wiki, Birthday, Family, Net Worth

Nique Nique & King Biography: Nique Nique & King was born on January 13, 1999, and her YouTube channel with then-boyfriend King Johnson gained immense popularity. The content they posted about their daily lives and activities was adored by their fans. After Nique became pregnant and began documenting her journey to motherhood, their popularity increased. Nique continues to amass millions of followers and fans through product collaborations, a merchandise line, and the creation of high-quality YouTube content.

Nique Nique & King are among the many young artists who rose to prominence through YouTube and other social media platforms. Nique’s full name is Dominique Lamar Greene. On January 13, 1999, she was born in Texas, United States. Her younger brother occasionally appears in her Instagram posts alongside her mother.

King, the father of her child, is the other half of the famous YouTube vlogging couple Nique Nique & King, of which Nique is a member. She created a YouTube channel titled “Life As Nique” in September 2011 but never uploaded any videos. She met King Johnson in ninth grade, and they began dating. They launched their joint channel in June 2017 under the same name, “Nique & King,” and their vlogs quickly gained popularity. Their introductory video was titled “Our First Q&A | How We Met.” There are videos about their life and relationship, as well as pranks, reactions, challenges, and comic videos. Following her rise to fame on the shared channel, Nique returned to her individual YouTube channel. She posts about fashion, hair, and makeup; her video formats include tutorials, tips, skin and hair care routines, and lifestyle-related material. She frequently collaborates with brands. The first solo video she uploaded was titled “Q&A – Is the BabyMomma crew reuniting?” As of April 2022, she has 1.14 million YouTube subscribers and over 3.4 million Instagram followers. Her fans appreciate her appearance, fashion sense, and youthfulness. “My Morning Routine” is her most popular video, with approximately 2.2 million views.

Nique and King launched a second YouTube channel titled “The Johnson Family” in February 2018 to document Nique’s pregnancy and their combined experiences as aspiring parents. In September 2018, she gave birth to their son, Kaiser Johnson. While King had already released multiple music videos over the past few years, in February 2019 they released their first music video together, titled “Qwazylove.” In the music video, Nique drew attention with her singing voice. They separated in 2020 but continue to co-parent their child. Nique is occupied with her family, her new relationship, and the expansion of her brand.

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Nique Nique & King Bio, Net Worth

Full Name: Dominique Lamar Greene

Nickname: Nique

Birth date: January 13, 1999

Age: 24

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5′ 4″

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Net Worth: $1 million