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Shaheen Shah Afridi Biography: Age, Height, Birthday, Family, Personal Life, Net Worth

Consistently increasing in value with every match is Shaheen Afridi's reputation and lasting impact in addition to his financial worth. Beyond being a mere cricketer, he serves as a role model for up-and-coming players in Pakistan and beyond.

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Shaheen Shah Afridi Biography: At the age of 22, a young man earns $7 million in 2023, which is equivalent to 55 crores in Indian rupees. Indeed, he is Shaheen Afridi, the Pakistan cricket team’s representative. The figure he generates appears fictitious for a brief instant, but it is in fact accurate.

The endeavors and net worth of Shahin Afridi are truly astounding. Observing how he strikes the stump chimes and balls is an incredible sight. Since his brother invited Shaheen to participate in a cricket match, the narrative unfolds, and Shaheen has been completely enamored with the term “cricket.”

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As cricket is a timeless subject, we can have an infinite number of discussions about it. A designated area is reserved for our preferred participants, and we are extremely curious about every detail pertaining to them. Certain athletes influence the development of young minds through their conduct and manner of thinking.

In this article, Shaheen Afridi is the subject of discussion; her age and net worth will be provided. Furthermore, the article will provide insights into the intriguing trajectory that propelled him to prominence as a cricketer.

Shaheen Shah Afridi Biography

NameShaheen Shah Afridi
Age23 years old
Father’s NameAyaz Khan
SiblingsEldest brother- Riaz Afridi and cousin brother- Yasir Afridi
Marital StatusMarried
PartnerAqsa Afridi
Date of Birth6th April 2000
Place of BirthLandi Kotal, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlack
Height200 cm or 6’6’’
Weight81 kg
Home TownLandi Kotal, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Coach/MentorRiaz Afridi
Batting StyleLeft-handed
Bowling StyleSlow left-arm orthodox
Net Worth$7 Million
Yearly SalaryINR 63 lakhs
Domestic TeamsKhan Research Laboratories, Dhaka Dynamites, Balochistan, Lahore Qalandars, Hampshire, Middlesex, Northern, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Jersey Number# 10 for Pakistan
Social MediaInstagram

Shaheen Shah Afridi Net Worth

Early in his life, he amassed an enormous earnings record. Do you not trust it? Shaheen Afridi, who is only 22 years old, is compensated 55 crores per year. The reason for this is his diligence and resolve to achieve his aspirations. Shaheen Afridi’s wealth is further comprised of PCB, PSL, advertisements, and tournament proceeds.

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  • Monthly, he earns between 50 lakh and 1 crore rupees.
  • The PCB remuneration of Ezoic Shaheen Afridi is approximately 1.25 million PKR.
  • The salary of a PSL player is $170,000.
  • Brand Endorsement Fees range between 20 and 50 lakh INR.

Shaheen Shah Afridi Salary

Shaheen Shah Afridi Biography: His income is approximately $1.25 million, of which category A is a contrast agreement with PCB and which he has classified as his remuneration. Twelve months of PCB compensation amounts to nearly 63 lakhs, which is proportional to PCB performance.

  • Fee for an ODI match: PKR 25,000
  • Fee for a test match of 50,000
  • T20 match fee of 15,000 PKR PSL remuneration of 170,000

In addition, Shaheen Afridi endorses numerous brands, including Faysal Bank, Ggmarmour, and others. His brand promotion endeavors contribute significantly to his net worth. Shaheen Afridi has amassed a substantial net worth through a combination of strategic decisions and diligent effort. He earns $170,000 as the leader of the Lahore Qalandars in the Pakistan Super League.

Shaheen Shah Afridi Assets

A person with a substantial amount of money may desire to own a variety of properties, automobiles, international travel plans, and other such things. Shaheen Afridi preferred to keep automobiles in his carport. The following is a list of the automobiles he houses.

  • The Audi A8 Hybrid costs INR 1.3 crore
  • Toyota Revo Hilux costs nearly 40 lakh.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser, INR 1.5 crore
  • Honda Civic, 20 Lakh INR

In addition to his prowess in cricket, the cricketing superstar Shaheen Afridi also appreciates the finest things in life, as evidenced by the opulent automobiles that adorn his garage. An item of considerable value in his ostentatious collection is the Audi A8 Hybrid, an emblem of opulence priced at INR 1.3 crore.

His collection is complemented by the robust and potent Toyota Revo Hilux, which is valued at over INR 35 lakh, and the Toyota Land Cruiser, which is renowned for its opulence and is priced at INR 1.5 crore.

Afridi’s taste for sophistication extends to the INR 20 crore Honda Civic, which is both sporty and fashionable. His affinity for these opulent automobiles contributes an additional dimension to his allure off the field.

Shaheen Shah Afridi Endorsements and Sponsorships

Sponsorships contribute to increased revenue and reputation enhancement. The majority of organizations are seeking well-known individuals to assist them with branding. Shaheen is amassing a substantial income from endorsements and branding.

His investments in equipment manufacturing, sportswear brands, and diverse business concepts enable him to increase his income. This agreement not only contributes to the financial development of the athletes, but it also enhances their public image and notoriety.

Shaheen Shah Afridi Investments

Shaheen Afridi has invested in real estate in order to ensure his financial security in the future. Real estate is a secure and profitable investment that generates a consistent income and a high rate of return. Although Shaheen has not yet made public his real estate holdings, it is possible that he has prudently invested in order to ensure his safety.

Shaheen Shah Afridi Career

Shaheen Shah Afridi Biography: On a glorious April day in 2000, in the heartland of Khyber Agency, Pakistan, an aspiring cricket legend was born. Shaheen Afridi, who was born into a sports-enthusiastic family, was doomed to achieve distinction from the very beginning. His foray into the realm of cricket commenced during his youth, when he held a bat and a ball in his hand; at present, he emerges as a prominent figure in the cricketing universe.

When he donned the green jersey for the Under-16 and Under-19 Pakistan Cricket teams, Shaheen experienced his first taste of victory. His extraordinary ability to deliver swift deliveries captivated all observers, and he quickly gained widespread recognition within the cricketing community.

The opportunity to represent one’s country at a young age is a pipe fantasy for many, but Shaheen regarded it as a moment of national pride. He made a sensational entrance into the cricketing community, demonstrating his extraordinary talent and potential.

Shaheen’s trajectory advanced significantly with his enrollment in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). This opportunity functioned as a crucible, ultimately shaping him into the dynamic player that we recognize today by honing his abilities. His bowling prowess is extraordinary, as he is capable of hurling the ball in both directions, perplexing even the most experienced batsmen.

Shaheen Afridi is distinguished by his adaptability. Regardless of the wicket’s speed (sluggish or lightning-fast), this left-arm pacer is capable of accomplishing the task at hand. His versatility, which is the result of his diligence and perseverance, has established him as a formidable opponent in the world of cricket.

Consistently increasing in value with every match is Shaheen Afridi’s reputation and lasting impact in addition to his financial worth. Beyond being a mere cricketer, he serves as a role model for up-and-coming players in Pakistan and beyond.

Shaheen Shah Afridi International Debut

Shaheen Afride participated in his inaugural Twenty20 International against the West Indies in 2018. His performance was exceptional, and he established a favorable initial impression. Shaheen performed admirably in his ODI and maintained his brilliance. His five wickets against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup remain in the memory of fans, and his team and he gained notoriety for their game-changing abilities.

One of his most notable performances occurred in 2019 when he annihilated the Sri Lankan batting order in a One-Day International by taking an astounding six wickets for only 35 runs. His performance was a demonstration of his unrefined ability and an indication of the grandeur that was to come.

In 2020, he showcased his expertise in the shortest format of the sport by dismissing Australia for 32 runs with five wickets in a Twenty20 International. His reputation was solidified by this performance as a versatile bowler capable of excelling in any format.

Afridi demonstrated his reliability and capacity to perform admirably under pressure in 2021 when, in an ODI against England, he took four wickets for a mere 30 runs, thereby aiding Pakistan in securing a memorable triumph.

Shaheen Shah Afridi is undeniably exceptional due to the extraordinary milestones that have already been inscribed in the annals of cricket. His accomplishment of becoming the youngest bowler to amass 50 wickets in One-Day International cricket for Pakistan serves as evidence of his capacity to exert influence during his youth. His status as the youngest Pakistani bowler to amass five wickets in a Twenty20 International further demonstrates his extraordinary ability.

One of the most remarkable achievements he has attained is a hat-trick in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). Afridi’s accomplishment stands as the only bowler to accomplish this extraordinary achievement, serving as a testament to his capacity to excel in critical situations.

As Shaheen Shah Afridi’s cricket career progresses, it is impossible not to believe that his best days are just beginning. He is not merely a cricketing phenomenon; rather, he is an inspiration to aspiring fast bowlers worldwide and a symbol of optimism for Pakistani cricket enthusiasts due to his prowess, perseverance, and promising future. Be on the lookout for this up-and-coming cricketer whose every delivery is reshaping the course of Pakistan’s cricketing history.


Shaheen Shah Afridi Biography: Shaheen Afridi has demonstrated that perseverance pays off and invariably results in a magnificent victory. An individual of 22 years of age hailing from a small town is now thriving as a result of an arduous and devoted voyage. His accomplishments and passion for cricket reflect his integrity. He currently possesses a tremendous accomplishment in terms of financial stability.

Already at an exceptionally tender age, he established himself as the preeminent figure of his era. Shaheen validated the process of starting a game and earning enormous sums of money; as a result, his current financial success is extraordinary. Although the age and accomplishments of Shaheen Afridi appear to be unattainable, this young man has made history by attaining the highest score in terms of financial success.

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