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Victoria Long Biography

Victoria Long Biography: Also known as “Strongman Victoria Long,” is a Powerlifter from the United States who competes in the sport of strongman.

She is renowned for her extraordinary athleticism and strength, which she has demonstrated in numerous strongman contests.

Victoria Long is a prominent advocate for attracting more women to strength-based activities and women’s strength sports.

Victoria, in addition to being an athlete, is a personal trainer and fitness coach who works with clients to achieve their health and fitness objectives.

She is a well-respected member of the strength and fitness community, and she never ceases to motivate and inspire others through her dedication to her sport and hard work.

Victoria Long Wiki

Based on her social media profiles and other information, Victoria Long is likely from the United States and grew up with a passion for fitness and strength-based activities.

Throughout her active years (2019-2023), she has competed in six national and international competitions.

She has participated in four international competitions, winning three, and two national competitions, winning two.

Victoria Long is an accomplished powerlifter who has established multiple personal bests throughout her career. In her powerlifting and strongwoman career, she has amassed a number of notable accomplishments.

She holds personal records for the max deadlift at the 2023 Arnold Strongwoman Classic of 295 kg (650 lbs), the max hummer tyre deadlift at the 2022 Arnold pro-Strongwoman of 347 kg (765 lbs), and the max log lift at the 2022 America’s Strongest Woman of 136kg (300 lbs) (300lbs).

She also won the women’s heavyweight division at the 2021 United States Strongman National Championship.

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Is She Male Or Female? Victoria Long Gender

Victoria Long regards herself as a woman. She competes in women’s divisions of strongman and powerlifting competitions.

Considering Victoria’s physique, appearance, and passion for powerlifting, which she developed as a result of her intense workouts, many assume she desires to be a man.

She serves as an inspiration and role model to many aspiring powerlifters and strong women, regardless of their gender or background.

Victoria Long Family

Regarding her family, we know only a limited amount about her husband and nothing about her other relatives. One of the numerous possible explanations is that they prefer to keep their private lives private.

Victoria has been happily married to Dennis 2019, who is also a strongman, according to her Instagram bio. They likely met due to their shared interest in strength sports.

Dennis has competed in numerous contests. At the 2021 World Strongman Championships, he placed third, and he competed at the 2022 Arnold Strongman.

Dennis has participated in a number of competitions. His major accomplishments include placing third among more than fifty strongmen at the 2021 WSM and competing in the 2022 Arnold Strongman and the 2021 SC America’s Strongest.

The specifics of Victoria and Dennis long’s relationship and how they met are kept private, but their success in and out of the gym demonstrates the power of shared passions and goals.

In addition, the powerlifting couple serves as an example for those who may be attempting to achieve a balance between their personal and athletic lives.