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Delhi University to launch CES in 2023 for UG and PG courses | Education

Delhi University to launch ‘Competence Enhance Scheme’ in 2023 for various UG and PG courses. Students of other institutes or varsities can study various courses at DU.

ByPapri Chanda, New Delhi

Delhi University has decided to launch a new scheme in 2023 named ‘Competence Enhance Scheme’. This scheme will begin next year and students of other universities or institutions will be able to study various courses in the varsity.

Competence Enhance Scheme has got its approval in the Academic Council Meeting of the University on August 3, 2022. The to-be- launched scheme is open for courses being run at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

CES will give an opportunity to individuals from different fields to study in Delhi University to enhance their knowledge and understanding in any subject being taught at the varsity.

This scheme will give a chance to the students admitted in other varsities, or institutes to study one to two courses in a semester without enrolling in any course of DU, said DU Vice Chancellor Prof. Yogesh Singh.

The registration process for any courses under this scheme will be done on the basis of merit and the registration will be valid for that semester only. A candidate can register for a maximum of two courses or eight credits in a semester.

Incase students who fail to pass or complete the course will have to re-register in the course if they want to earn credits from such course and obtain the relevant certificate.

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