By |10 Oct 2022 at 1:28 PM
Rahmani Program of Excellence (Rahmani 30) Students Outperform themselves with 57 IIT Advanced Qualifications

Rahmani30 prepares students for Law, CA, CS, and CMA exams under its Commerce Department. Usually, a student’s choice is biology (NEET) if he is weak in Maths (JEE) and commerce if he is weak in science i.e. a student’s most critical decision is based on the weaknesses rather than the strengths and/or interests. Though all the subjects and streams require a lot of hard work and have opportunities in abundance. And therefore he used to advise the parents to encourage their wards to choose any stream of education on the basis of their passion and the suitability of the opportunities available.

Ahmad Wali Faisal Rahmani, Ameer E Shariat & Patron Rahmani30 has thanked Allah SWT and congratulated all the stakeholders and at the same time requested the parents to increase the participation of their wards in streams such as CA, CS, Law( CLAT), keeping in mind the immense potential of excellence which education in these fields, can offer.

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