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Adelaide Cup 2023: Date, History, Facts, Operation

The Adelaide Cup (Australia) is a national holiday celebrated annually in Southern Australia on the second Monday of March.

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The Adelaide Cup (Australia) is celebrated annually on the second Monday of March, which is also a public holiday. This year’s event occurs on March 13. This South Australian public holiday is the day of the Adelaide Cup Race, which has been an integral part of the Australian landscape for centuries. The Adelaide Cup is a Group 2 thoroughbred horse race organised by the South Australian Jockey Club. The Melbourne Cup is the oldest horse event in Australia; this race is the second-oldest. An important race, it attracts the finest jockeys and horses from South Australia and occasionally from the northern states as well.

The background of Adelaide Cup

The Adelaide Cup (Australia) is a national holiday celebrated annually in Southern Australia on the second Monday of March. While the holiday was only recently established, the race has been a part of Australian culture for centuries. This is a Group 2 Thoroughbred race sanctioned by the South Australian Jockey Club.

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Group races, also known as pattern races, are some of the most prestigious events in the world for thoroughbred horses. Approximately 550 group races are held in Australia. Previously a Group 1 race comparable to the Melbourne Cup, the Adelaide Cup is now a Group 2 event. $175,000 is the minimum prize money for a Group 2 horse race (Australian dollars). The prize money for the Australian Adelaide Cup is $400,000. (Australian dollars).

Today’s race is 3,200 metres long, or approximately two miles. Previously, the race was measured in furlongs. The Adelaide Cup (Australia) began as a 13-furlong race and has since expanded to 16 furlongs.

The Adelaide Cup (Australia) is the second-oldest race in the country for thoroughbred horses, second only to the Group 1 Melbourne Cup. The Adelaide Cup is a significant social event and a component of South Australia’s Mad March celebrations, which also include arts and music festivals and a touring car race. The South Australia Jockey Club considered relocating the race out of March due to the declining attendance, but was unable to do so because the public holiday could not be changed.

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Proceed to Morphettville Racecourse.

On this day, catch the Adelaide Cup live at Morphettville Racecourse and observe the finest horses and jockeys in South Australia. It is certain to be enjoyable!

Bet on your favoured horse

Important to horse racing is placing wagers on the fastest animals. Keep a watch out for the best horses and jockeys, and wager on your favourites.

Make it an excursion

Gather your companions and drive down to the March Madness race. Attend a few additional events en route.

5 FACTS YOU Probably Didn’t Know About the Adelaide Cup (Australia)

The popularity of the Adelaide Cup in 1951, when over 50,000 people attended the race, contributed to its designation as a public holiday.

As a result of the club’s decision to hold the races in March instead of May, the associated public holiday was altered, and the government does not wish to alter it again.

At its inception, the Adelaide Cup was a Premier Race. This continued until 1979, when it became a group race.

The race was relocated to Victoria Park in the year of Morphettville’s renovation and high rainfall.

The first race begins at noon, and each subsequent race occurs 40 minutes after the previous one, allowing the audience to mingle, shop, and socialise.


Year Date Day
2022 March 14 Monday
2023 March 13 Monday
2024 March 11 Monday
2025 March 10 Monday
2026 March 9 Monday
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