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Book Publishers Day 2024: Date, History, Top 10 Book Publishers

Publishers are the people who invest in authors and their writing. They help to edit, design, and market books. And they do all of this with the hope that readers will enjoy the book and tell their friends about it.

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Every year on January 16, we have Book Publishers Day. It is a day dedicated to honoring book publishers around. Ever wonder how concepts come to be written down and eventually become novels that are read by people all over the world? We should celebrate these incredible folks on a particular day because they make it possible!

The Book Publishers Day History

Writing’s invention made publishing possible, and book publishers have been around for that long! Scribes used to copy other authors’ writings by hand while seated in front of a desk before the printing press. But Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press brought in a new era in book publication. With the invention of the printing press, book publishers had a new tool, and books began to be circulated broadly.

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About 1045, the Chinese inventor Bi Sheng created a movable kind of earthenware, but no known specimens of his creations remain. Around 1234, the Goryeo Dynasty Korean government servant Choe Yun-ui created the first metal moveable type. Before 1501, printed books, single sheets, and pictures were referred to as “incunables” or “incunabula” in Europe.

Traditional book publishers choose carefully which works to publish. Instead of accepting manuscripts directly from the authors, they received a proposal and then made the decision about whether or not to accept the work. While newspaper publishers typically pay workers to write texts or use freelance journalists, book publishers typically purchase copy from independent authors or commission it from them. Magazine publishers may use in-house writers and freelancers or have a blend of both.

Governments, civic organizations, and private businesses can all benefit from the publishing industry for goals related to business, research, advocacy, public interest, and administrative or compliance needs. Annual reports, research studies, market research, policy briefings, and technical reports are a few examples of these.

Top 10 Book Publishers in the World

The top 10 book publishers in the world are:

1. Penguin Random House
2. HarperCollins
3. Simon & Schuster
4. Hachette Livre
5. Macmillan Publishers
6. PRH Canada
7. Scholastic Corporation
8. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
9. Wiley
10. University of Toronto Press

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