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Brew Monday 2024: Date, History, Facts about the Samaritians Nonprofit

Brew Monday, established by Chad Varah in 1953, encourages meeting with those facing challenges, while Samaritans Day was established to support non-religious charities.

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Brew Monday is the third Monday of January each year, which falls on January 15 this year. It’s an opportunity to arrange a virtual, telephonic, or face-to-face meeting with someone who might have otherwise considered a gloomy, chilly winter’s day to be nearly insurmountable. The worldwide nonprofit organization “Samaritans,” founded in 1953 by a minister by the name of Chad Varah, is responsible for creating the day. It does not support any one religion or denomination.

The background of Brew Monday

An excellent starting point for understanding the origins of Brew Monday is to begin with the original Good Samaritan narrative found in the Bible. In the tale, robbers attack a traveler, leaving him hurt and practically nude on the side of the road. A Jewish priest happens to pass by as daylight breaks, and although though the victim of the robbery is a Jew, the priest averts his eyes and walks away. After some time, another Levite walks by without helping the man. Eventually, one of the Jews’ long-standing foes, a Samaritan, shows up and puts aside his political differences to provide the man help and safety.

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This is the guiding principle of Samaritans’ current operations. Over the past half-century, the business has had multiple leadership transitions and acquisitions, all while growing from its original home of the United Kingdom to include the United States, Asia, and other regions. In 2020, Samaritans launched the “Brew Monday” campaign to encourage friendship groups to stay in touch and talk about their problems, since the organization was getting over five million calls for assistance annually by 2014. Their primary goal has always been to run a toll-free hotline, which in the UK is located at 116 123.

Brew Monday is somewhat a business event since its goal is to generate money for Samaritans’ continuing operations. And since we can afford it, we advise adhering to the rules. If not, nonetheless, pick a Monday this winter and write down the intention to get in touch with a friend who needs to know they’re valued and cared for.

Millions of calls, emails, and other forms of communication are now handled by Samaritans in numerous nations, providing a private listening ear to anyone experiencing emotional distress, including thoughts of suicide. The organization has urged people to schedule any Monday, particularly during the winter, to gather for tea and pastries and to talk about their problems without worrying about negative consequences.


The 2013 suicide-reporting guidelines published by Samaritans have received multiple awards.

Despite its original religious affiliation, the Samaritans of today neither condemn suicide as a sin nor require callers to demonstrate suicidal ideation, receiving a large number of calls from individuals who do not have suicidal thoughts.

Since merging with “Befrienders Worldwide,” a charity with similar operational principles, Samaritans has received an even greater number of requests for assistance via electronic communications.

During a brief period in 2014, Samaritans offered an app that would automatically analyse a Twitter user’s friends’ posts and alert the user if the AI detected signs of emotional distress; however, the app was discontinued due to the risk of internet trolls using it to target vulnerable individuals.

Volunteers of Samaritans undergo extensive practical and sensitivity training, learning how to ask open-ended questions and encourage callers to find their own path forward, as opposed to giving specific advice.


2022January 17Monday
2023January 16Monday
2024January 15Monday
2025January 20Monday
2026January 19Monday

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