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Safer Internet Day 2023: Theme, Date, History and Purpose

The second day of the second week of February in 2023 will mark Safer Internet Day. The mission of Safer Internet Day is to create a safer and better internet, where everyone may use it responsibly and without their data being compromised.

Globally, the 8th of February is commemorated as Safer Internet Day. “Together for a better Internet” is the theme for Safer Internet Day 2023, which aims to inspire people to work toward making the internet a safer place to use.

What is the focus of Safe Internet Day 2023?

“Want to talk about it” is the theme for Safer Internet Day 2023, which will be celebrated under this theme. In recent years, Safer Internet Day has become a cornerstone of the online safety calendar.

Safer Internet Day, which began in 2004 as an initiative of the EU Safe Borders project and was adopted by the unsafe network as one of its inaugural initiatives in 2005, has expanded outside its typical geographic region.

It is now commemorated in over 150 nations globally. Safer Internet Day strives to bring attention to rising online challenges and concerns, including cyberbullying, social networking, and digital identity.

It is our responsibility to maintain internet security vigilance. It makes us aware that we need to take more precautions when using the internet, since many potentially disastrous scenarios can occur.

How is Safer Internet Day observed?

The 20th Safer Internet Day will be observed on February 8, 2023. Today, more than 15 nations join forces for safer Internet use.

Bullying online, trolling with fake IDs, internet privacy, social networking sites, etc., are merely a few areas that require attention.

Many businesses are concentrating on enhancing consumer awareness of internet safety. Companies perform a substantial percentage of their work online, via services such as messaging applications, online forums, trade networks, and others.

Other businesses may hire personnel within the corporation to raise awareness about security, phishing, and other general services for the protection of the firm and its employees.

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Safer Internet Day 2023: Theme

Consent, Ownership, Data Privacy, Cyberbullying, Digital Identity, and Social Networks should be emphasised on the Internet. The primary objective is to promote awareness and initiate a dialogue on internet safety, particularly among young people who may not understand how to use the internet safely.

The safety of the entire Internet cannot be ensured by a single entity; all individuals must work together to make a major difference. The mission is to make the Internet safer and better for everyone, including children and adults. Websites for online gaming, streaming media, and video feature chat functions.

As part of a larger debate about internet safety, it is crucial to highlight the skills children need to stay safe online.

Safer Internet Day In 2004, the EU secure borders project conceived up safer internet day, which the in safe network adopted as one of its initial initiatives in 2005.

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Internet security is an integral component of everyday technology use:

  • Keep track of your child’s internet activity and browser history.
  • Ensure that you select robust passwords for your sensitive data.
  • Maintain strict privacy settings to protect security.
  • Ensure that you have the most recent security software installed.
  • Be as careful on your mobile device as you are on your desktop or laptop computer.
  • Do not click on suspicious links.

Use strong passwords to protect sensitive information, keep the privacy settings at a high level to ensure security, avoid clicking on suspicious links, regularly update your security software, and monitor your child’s internet browser at all times. The introduction of a mandatory cyber security course will raise awareness among the younger generation.

Internet may be an excellent resource, especially for educational purposes. The purpose of these days is to teach children what to look out for and what to do if they need clarification on something.