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Learn how prescription lenses can solve your oculus rift issues

VR headsets are important to gaming, work, industry and jobs! However, if your brand new headset is not working or a little too blurry, prescription lenses can help bring the immersive experience into crystal clear vision. You might even solve your oculus rift lenses discomfort issues!

How prescription lenses can help solve oculus rift issues

Your oculus rift will likely cause issues for you. Perhaps it doesn’t function correctly, the visuals get blurry, or in some cases, there is an inability to see anything at all. If this happens, your first step should be to make sure that your Oculus Rift is not faulty and then troubleshoot the software for potential solutions. A credible resolution for many people is prescription lenses specifically designed for the Oculus Rift.

Types of prescription lens options

With our virtual reality technology, the experience is breathtaking. However, one problem that users often have experienced is the breaking of their headsets or the need to use another to continue their experience. Prescription lenses can fix those oculus rift issues!

The lens prescriptions are categorized into three types: high power nearsighted lenses, low dispersion lenses and astigmatic contact lenses.

Perfect lenses for an oculus rift

You can find prescription lenses for the oculus rift in just about any department or drug store. While you’ll be able to see farther and in more depth, prescription lenses will make your experience totally realistic because they’re made to fit on your eyeballs as they would if you looked through your own eyes.

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Steps to prepare your prescriptions

There are a few things you need to do in order to get prescription lenses and things are more complicated if you’re not buying your lenses from a store. This guide will help with tips, step by step instructions, and when to follow through. You are purchasing an Oculus Rift and plan to use it with prescription lenses. The good news for you is that many people already have their prescription lenses and your optometrist will have them ready for you. Ensure that he or she has the Oculus Rift in stock and ask what type of lenses work best with the VR headset so that you can try them before you buy and make sure they are correct.

How to maximize your clarity and comfort in the future

With today’s technology, there are obviously new challenges when it comes to getting prescription lenses for the oculus rift. Depending on what option you pick, it could affect your comfort or clarity in the long run. However, prescription lenses can solve these issues by magnifying your vision and reducing any minor shimmering in the reflection.

Tips & Tricks on using your oculus rift

Some prescription lenses will help you correct the curvature of your glasses so that they are flat again and can be used with Oculus Rift. The word prescription means that a specific lens needs to be prescribed. The most common issues include haze and surface distortion, so get your prescription customized by your eye doctor as soon as possible. It could even prevent the rift from cracking in severe cases, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Finding an experienced oculus rift lens specialist

Virtual reality technology is an incredibly exciting new development in personal entertainment. However, for a lot of people, the limitations that virtual reality presents can stifle their enjoyment by putting on the headset, reducing the field of vision and preventing users from experiencing some of the technology to its full heights. When choosing a prescription eyeglass solution there are several things you should take into consideration. These might include your visual acuity, what lens size fits best (low-index women or men), how low of a lens thickness gives you optimal comfort, glare reduction and prescription level fit.


The best solution to these problems is getting a prescription lens for use in your bubble cutters – frames that are designed specifically for the rift. It will help you view your computer screen crisply and allow you to wear other non-prescription glasses while using the rift at the same time.