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National Toast Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Programs

National Toast Day is observed on the last Thursday of February, which is February 23 this year. It pays tribute to an often-overlooked food that plays a crucial role in breakfast, brunch, and even snacking. The art of making toast is brilliant in its simplicity as well as its variety of outcomes. When one considers how different bread and toast are despite being technically the same thing, it is a physical marvel. Toast can be crunchy, warm, and makes you want to eat more, whereas bread has a denser consistency and typically satisfies hunger more quickly. Regardless of the circumstance, we adore toast for its versatility.

The background of National Toast Day

National Toast Day was first observed in 2014, in the U.K. It was established by Tiptree World Bread Awards, with Brook Food, to celebrate the country’s love of toast and all the varieties of bread that can be used to make toast. Indeed, we would go so far as to say that a love for toast is probably universal among bread-eating nations, which explains why its popularity has spread to the United States as well. Our goal is to spread the word so that National Toast Day can be celebrated globally; after all, toast is something that many of us may wish to celebrate every day of the year!

To trace the history of toast, one must return to the origins of bread. The earliest evidence of flour dates back some 30,000 years back, so we know that people were using it to make bread of some sort (probably flatbread) (probably flatbread). Bread as we know it today may have originated in Ancient Egypt, where Egyptians discovered that dough would rise if left out, and that baking it afterwards produced a lighter, fluffier texture. By 3000 B.C. the closed oven was invented in Egypt, to bake leavened bread. Then, it was discovered that leavened bread would become difficult to consume if left out. What is the solution? Toast was created when toasting bread made it more palatable and prolonged its shelf life. The word ‘toast’ derives from the Latin word ‘tostum’, which means ‘to burn or scorch,’ as the Roman Empire popularised toasting bread over a fire. With the invention of the electric toaster and automatic bread slicers, toast eventually became a staple in virtually every urban home.


Eat toast, obviously

This was a no-brainer, but we needed to include it. Choose your preferred bread and place it in the toaster. Then top it with your preferred sweet or savoury topping, or both! There are no restrictions on what one can put on toast… well, almost.

Make a toast (party)

To celebrate toast in style, why not throw your own party? You can make it as fancy as you like. Some individuals spend an entire evening toasting various types of bread, from sourdough to multigrain. The participants then bring their preferred toast toppings and enjoy a toasty time. Other fun ideas include creating a charcuterie board with a toast theme or having an outdoor bonfire and toasting bread over it.

Study the history of toast.

We’ve given you just a taster, to whet your appetite for more. There are numerous amusing tales surrounding the history of toast and its name. The word itself has multiple meanings and applications, so it may be entertaining to follow the breadcrumbs and learn more about this clever form of food.


Toast is a staple breakfast food in the United Kingdom and is typically consumed with baked beans, eggs, or Marmite.

Toast is typically served with curry soup and mint tea in the southern region of Sri Lanka.

South Koreans make a monstrous toast sandwich with fried egg, vegetables, meat strips, and sauces.

In Southeast Asian countries, coconut jam is frequently spread on toast.

Australians are renowned for their fondness for toast topped with Vegemite, a yeast extract-based spread with a strong flavour.


Year Date Day
2022 February 24 Thursday
2023 February 23 Thursday
2024 February 29 Thursday
2025 February 27 Thursday
2026 February 26 Thursday