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National Tortilla Chip Day 2023: Date, History, Activities

Initially, tortilla chips were an afterthought, a simple snack made from tortilla scraps. The 24th of February is National Tortilla Chip Day, a celebration of these salty snacks that quickly became a national phenomenon. Whether you eat them plain or with a spicy salsa, tortilla chips add a festive atmosphere to any occasion.

The background of National Tortilla Chip Day

These crisp, flavorful corn snacks are ideal for sharing with your friends; a bowl of salsa and a bag of tortilla chips are essential party supplies. (However, they are also an ideal snack for when you are alone in your pyjamas on the couch.) Without tortilla chips, nachos are just a gloppy mess. This dish, which is comprised of tortilla chips, is one of the best foods in existence. Consequently, the tortilla chip is a national treasure. Mild. Medium. Strong. Corn and peach Chunky. Thin. Each of them is complemented by the salty, crunchy tortilla chip, which brings out their distinctive flavours and delivers them to our mouths.

Activities associated with National Tortilla Chip Day

Produce one’s own tortilla chips.

Some of the best tortilla chips are available at the Mexican restaurant down the street, but you can also purchase them at the local market. But did you know it’s very easy to make tortilla chips at home? Warm some oil, cut up some tortillas, and fry them.

Acquire a bag and guacamole.

Visit your local supermarket and purchase a bag of tortilla chips and guacamole (or salsa). Occasionally, we enjoy these tasty chips by ourselves. This chip game contains no shame.

Host a night of chips and salsa

Tortilla chips are the ideal party food, so throw a huge party with them! Host a night of fun with family and friends, and have each person bring her preferred tortilla chip and salsa. There are numerous varieties of blue corn chips, including organic, salted, and unsalted varieties. Chip chip cheers!

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Year Date Day
2023 February 24 Friday
2024 February 24 Saturday
2025 February 24 Monday
2026 February 24 Tuesday
2027 February 24 Wednesday