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Following the row over the office of profit issue, Bharatiya Janata Party MP Sanjay Seth on Friday said Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren Soren was guilty for certain and would have to resign. “He (Hemant Soren) is guilty for sure. It will be mentioned in the ECI report that he will not contest the election for 3 years, and then he will have to resign from the Chief Minister’s post. Being in a constitutional position as CM, naming mines and property on his wife’s name or himself is a breach of the constitution,” said BJP MP Seth.

He also stressed that the central investigative agencies were not being misused in the state and said, “How is the agency being misused if your representatives earn crores and do illegal mining? Will the agency keep quiet about it? People are in shock; crores are being recovered from leaders.” He dismissed the rumours of the BJP’s attempts of dislodging the Jharkhand government.

“It is a baseless allegation (on BJP trying to topple the Jharkhand government). If leaders are falling apart in their party, we have nothing to do with it, you handle your party,” he added. His remarks came just before CM Soren called a meeting of UPA coalition MLAs at his residence in Ranchi on Friday.

The meeting is slated this morning before noon. State Congress President Rajesh Thakur confirmed the details and said that the meeting comes amid the recent political developments in the state.

Earlier, BJP MP Nishikant Dubey had said that Soren losing his membership will be a matter of joy as BJP initiated the complaints against the state chief. “All the journalists have told me that he (Jharkhand CM) has lost his membership. That had been recommended to the Governor by the EC. As a BJP worker, it’s a matter of joy because it’s the BJP that had complained to the Governor. It is the day to celebrate,” said BJP MP Nishikant Dubey.

Nishikant Dubey asserted that Assembly should be dissolved and fresh elections should be conducted. “Hemant Soren (Jharkhand CM) should head towards mid-term polls, on moral grounds. Assembly should be dissolved and there should be elections in all 81 Assembly constituencies. BJP has been demanding this,” he added.

The hearing in the Hemant Soren mine leasing case, in which the BJP has accused him of extending himself a mining lease and sought his disqualification as an MLA, was concluded in the ECI on Monday. The trail of events gained pace after Nishikant Dubey, BJP Member of Parliament from Godda, Jharkhand, tweeted that the letter from the ECI has reached the Raj Bhavan.Ex-Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das also slammed the Soren government and said, “Jharkhand had chosen JMM with a lot of hope and trust, but ever since they came to power, they started looting the state’s natural resources…If someone’s responsible for what’s happening today, it’s Soren Govt itself. It’s in trouble due to its own misdeeds.”

“Let’s see what action Governor takes. Not only he (Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren) should be stripped of his membership but he should also be debarred. Action should be taken against him under the PC Act as it’s a matter of corruption. He misused his position,” Das added. (ANI)

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