By | 26 Aug 2022 at 9:50 PM

Congress Working Committee member Tariq Hameed Karra on Friday picked holes in claims made by Ghulam Nabi Azad in his resignation letter on lack of consultative process in the party after 2013.

”If consultative process of Congress party had ceased 2(to) exist since 2013 & forthcoming Presidential elections of the party is a sham, then who got d(the) proposal of RG (Rahul Gandhi) becoming Congress President passed in 2018 AICC plenary session with authority 2(to) choose his team & nominate CWC members,” Karra tweeted.

He was responding to Azad’s claim in his resignation letter that Rahul Gandhi destroyed the consultative mechanism that existed in the Congress after he was appointed as the vice president of the party in January 2013.

Karra posted a 23-second video clip on his Twitter handle in which Azad is singing paeans about Gandhi being the only person who can lead the Congress party and play the role of the opposition effectively.

Azad on Friday ended his five-decade association with the party, terming it “comprehensively destroyed” and lashing out at Gandhi for “demolishing” its entire consultative mechanism.

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