By | 26 Aug 2022 at 4:03 PM

The Delhi High court on Friday directed Indian Olympic Association (IOA) to file an affidavit on the plea of the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation. The federation sought direction to the IOA to conduct Arbitration proceedings in the matter of derecognition of the petitioner. Justice Yashwant Varma directed the counsel of IOA to file an affidavit on the petition.

The matter has been listed on November 29, 2022. Advocate Anupama Sharma, counsel for the petitioner submitted that the federation was formed in 1948 as NSF for boxing and it was recognised by the Ministry of Sports and IOA. In 2017 it was derecognised arbitrarily by the IOA. No opportunity was given to the petitioner to represent its case.

It was submitted that the petitioner is trying for Arbitration for the last five years but no proceedings were initiated. The petitioner seeks direction to the IOA to start Arbitration in the matter of the petitioner. On the other hand, the counsel for IOA submitted that the petitioner is not a national sports federation (NSF) for boxing. After hearing the submission the bench asked the counsel to file an affidavit.

The petitioner and it’s Secretary have moved a plea through Advocate Vishnu Sharma seeking direction to the IOA to initiate Arbitration in the matter of the petitioner. It is stated in the petition that the Federation was arbitrarily and without any notice or hearing whatsoever apparently derecognised on November 29, 2017, during their General Meeting according to the records of IOA.

According to the Memorandum and Rules and Regulations of IOA, any dispute between the Indian IOA and National Sports Federations needs to mandatorily be sent for Arbitration by IOA. It is also stated that despite several and repeated intimations sent to by the secretary to the petitioner, IOA has failed to send the matter for Arbitration. The federation has been denied time and again a chance to be heard, which is completely against the principles of natural justice. The impugned actions of IOA are affecting the day-to-day workings of the federation rendering it unable to carry out its mandatory duties and functions. (ANI)

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