By | 26 Aug 2022 at 11:46 PM

The Indian Army, on the occasion of Women’s Equality Day, which is celebrated annually on August 26, conducted an event based on the theme ‘Gender equality today for sustainable tomorrow’, to promote the agenda of women equality and women empowerment in the area of Panzgam, Kupwara. This day is celebrated every year to commemorate the passage of women’s suffrage in the US and remind people of the hurdles overcome by the heroic females who faced violence and discrimination to propel the women’s movement forward.

For the event conducted by the Indian Army, Bisma Rasool who is an Influencer and Law student from Handwara was invited to conduct an interactive session on the ‘Rights of Women’ in society. The event organised in Girls Higher Secondary School Lunahare witnessed a huge gathering of 540 young girls and women from the surrounding villages of Panzgam. Bisma cleared all the misconceptions that exist in the minds of young girls with respect to their rights and are subjected to domestic violence and child abuse. She gave them guidance on the ways to file the complaints.

It was heartening to see the participation of the girls who overcame their fears of stage fright to put up a display of group songs, and a skit to bring out the need for women to fight for equal rights within their homes. The young women actively participated in the Quiz competition organised on the occasion that tested their knowledge and gave them a platform to exhibit it in front of a large gathering.

The emerging star in sports from Kashmir, Ms Tajamul Islam (International Kickboxing Gold Medallist), delivered a motivational talk to inspire the women folk to take up sports as a way of life. She candidly brought out how she faced similar challenges in her house and society, where everyone dissuaded her to take up her passion for sports and how her parents supported her during her journey towards achieving the success she always dreamt of.

The event culminated with prize distribution to participants and a pledge by the locals to empower women and ensure gender equality. The Indian Army in Panzgam has been actively involved to give impetus to women to come forward and share the same platform with men by creating and operating skill development centres where women are trained to become frontline health workers and develop skills in cutting and tailoring so that they can earn their own living from such talent. In the last year, more than 270 girls and women have been trained in these skill centres. (ANI)

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