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Kandi Burruss Plastic Surgery Journey: How Many Surgeries Have She Had?

Kandi Burruss Plastic Surgery: Many people instinctively associate cosmetic surgery with reality television stars. The implications require further examination, but the strain to succeed in front of the camera is enormous. People care about their appearance regardless of whether or not television is present.

Regardless of the circumstances, cosmetic surgery is stigmatised heavily by society. Whether or not that’s fair, it gives individuals on reality TV something to use against one another. Recently, the Real Housewives of Atlanta have been battling with one another.

When it came time for the reconciliation, Bravo ensured that there was plenty of conflict and tension. For instance, some of the tension between Shereé Whitfield and Kandi Burruss was removed from the original reunion recording.

Kandi Burruss Confirms Having Breast Reduction Surgery

“Let’s not let all the other diets and stuff I’ve done confuse you into thinking that’s what caused my breasts to shrink, because it’s not!” she exclaimed. “I have lost some weight. I have recently attempted juice fasts. Or, ‘juice cleanse’ recently.

I was able to lose a few pounds as a result! Despite her weight loss, Burruss acknowledged that the dimensions of her breasts had not changed. Instead, she went in quest of surgical assistance.

“I have been attempting to alter my diet. I have experimented with intermittent fasting. She continued, “I’ve tried everything to lose weight, but that has nothing to do with why my b00bs are smaller, okay?” “I went to the doctor, and he did a little, he removed a portion from each of them, okay? I’ll be straightforward with you.”

Dove Cameron before and after Plastic Surgery looks

Kandi Burruss Plastic Surgery

Burruss claimed to have undergone liposuction, a tummy surgery, and a breast reduction. She claimed to have “tried” Botox before deciding against further facial injections. Later in the film, footage from the day of Burruss’s breast reduction surgery with local surgeon Dr. Chad Deal may be viewed.

The reality star said, “He reduced these bad boys,” referring to her breasts, and added that they were “definitely perky and smaller.” Burruss concluded the video with a pledge to include post-operative appointment footage in the subsequent Body Work installment.

Burruss is not the only celebrity who has admitted to having breast reduction surgery in the previous year. Rachel Bloom published before-and-after photos of her breast reduction earlier this month, following in the footsteps of Amelia Grey Hamlin, who discussed her decision to undergo the procedure at the age of 16 in November.

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How many surgeries have Shereé and Kandi undergone?

E! News viewed a preview of the RHOA Extended Reunion in which the women became distracted by their recent plastic surgery. Shereé aimed the objects at Kandi after recognising that all eyes were on her. Shereé stated, “At least four times, honey, your body has been altered. Thus, it is common knowledge that you enjoy plastic surgery.

Kandi stated, “I have not had my body done four times,” to which Shereé responded, “Is it three?” Kandi clarified, “First and foremost, I have never denied having cosmetic surgery. You have had multiple abdominoplasties, augmentations of the breasts, and rhinoplasty. Before we met you on this season, you had a rhinoplasty.”

Shereé acknowledged having a single rhinoplasty, claiming it was her “first tweak.” Kandi and Drew Sidora chuckled, with Drew saying, “Well, you may not have admitted it. She denied it, but we can see it.” Sanya Richards-Ross, on the other hand, interjected, “You had a nose job, who cares?”

The second segment of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion airs on Bravo on September 10 at 8 p.m. EDT.