By |27 Aug 2022 at 11:56 PM

Hitting out at China for its remarks on India’s objection to the docking of its high-tech ship at Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port, New Delhi on Saturday firmly told Beijing that what Colombo needs now is ”support, not unwanted pressure or unnecessary controversies” to serve another country’s agenda.

”We have noted the remarks of the Chinese Ambassador. His violation of basic diplomatic etiquette may be a personal trait or reflecting a larger national attitude,” the High Commission of India in Sri Lankan tweeted.

It said the Chinese envoy Qi Zhenhong’s view of India may be coloured by how his own country behaves.

”India, we assure him, is very different,” the Indian mission here said.

The Ambassador’s imputing a geopolitical context to the visit of a purported scientific research vessel is a giveaway, the mission said, adding that ”opaqueness and debt driven agendas are now a major challenge, especially for smaller nations. Recent developments are a caution”.

”Sri Lanka needs support, not unwanted pressure or unnecessary controversies to serve another country’s agenda,” it said, as the island nation was grappling with the worst economic crisis since 1948.

In a veiled attack on India, China on Friday said that ”external obstruction” based on so-called security concerns without any evidence is a ”thorough interference” into Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and independence.

In a statement hinting at India’s objection to the docking of a Chinese ballistic missile and satellite tracking ship ‘Yuan Wang 5’ ship at the Hambantota port, Chinese ambassador to Sri Lanka, Qi, said that China was happy that the matter was dealt with and Beijing and Colombo jointly safeguard each other’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

“External obstruction based on so-called security concerns but without any evidence from certain forces is de facto a thorough interference into Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and independence,” the statement said without directly naming India.

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