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Meet Warren Foegele Girlfriend Alexandra Yazdani, Dating Timeline

Alexandra Yazdani, the girlfriend of Warren Foegele, is pursuing a career in dentistry in order to become a future dentist. Warren is a Canadian National Hockey League ice hockey player.

Warren Foegele Alexandra Yazdani, who is currently in dentistry, is my girlfriend. Each individual has a distinct professional life. The couple, who have known one another since childhood, began dating in 2014. The duration of the relationship is approximately nine years. They have grown together in both their romantic and personal lives.

Foegele is a Canadian professional ice hockey player. He plays for the National League’s Edmonton Oilers. In the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, the Carolina Hurricanes selected Warren with the 67th overall selection in the third round.

The player enjoys a prosperous career as a professional athlete. Despite this, he considers his relationship with Alexandra to be his greatest accomplishment.

Warren Foegele Girlfriend Alexandra Yazdani

The girlfriend of Warren Foegele was born in Ontario, Canada. The date of her birth is November 22, 1996. Dr. Milan Yazdani is Alexandra’s father, and her mother is Lisa Yazdani. Currently, Alexandra is 26 years old.

Milan Yazdani, the father, is a successful dentist who has served his patients for over two decades and is deeply religious.

Similarly, Foegele was born in Ontario, but in a Canadian location named Markham. He is currently the same age as Alexandra. There are few differences between their generations. After being together since 2014, they remain together to the present day.

Alexandria is not particularly active on social media, and her Instagram account is protected. She has been more interested in drawing and visual arts since her childhood. In her youth, she competed in various artistic competitions.

Alexandra developed a passion for dentistry by emulating her father Milan Yazdani, a seasoned dentist from Toronto who also operates a private clinic. She became more interested in becoming a dentist after visiting her father’s dental clinic and observing how well patients interacted with him.

Alexandra attended a dental school called the School of Dental Medicine, and she stated that the clinic enabled her to meet people from various backgrounds. She stated that she interacted with real people rather than dummies during her time there.

Timeline of Warren Foegele and Alexandra Yazdani’s Relationship

Since childhood, Warren and Alexandra have known each other. In February of 2014, they began a relationship. So, they have been together for over nine years.

Prior to their relationship, Warren played hockey for St. Andrew’s College for three years, from 2011 to 2014. He was elected as the team’s alternate captain in 2013. Everyone began calling Warren the actual MVP and All-star after he helped the college team win the CISAA Championship.

Foegele received a scholarship to attend the University of New Hampshire, but Kingston Frontenacs selected him in the 2014 OHL draught. He was required to leave university after his second year in order to play for the Frontenacs.

Warren Foegele Girlfriend Alexandra Yazdani – Age Gap

There is little difference in age between the couple. His girlfriend was born on November 22, 1996, while Warren was born on April 1, 1996. Therefore, their ages are identical, even by a year. About seven months separate Warren and Alexandra Yazdani in age.

As they have known each other since childhood and have grown up together, the age difference between them is likely to be small.

Warren Foegele is currently successful in his ice hockey career, and his girlfriend is following in her father’s footsteps by pursuing a career in dentistry.