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The Odisha government on Friday urged the Centre to meet the state’s fertiliser requirement, stating that farmers had been facing ”acute shortage” of two varieties that are crucial for crop growth during the kharif season, a claim that was later rebuffed by Union minister Bhagwanth Khuba. Khuba, who is visiting the state, said that the Centre already provided requisite fertiliser to Odisha.

In a letter to Union Chemicals and Fertilisers Minister Mansukh Mandaviya, Patnaik said that the state was dealing with shortfall of DAP (Diammonium Phosphate) and MOP (Muriate of Potassium), though urea supply had been steady.

He stated that during the current Kharif season, the overall availability of DAP had been ”only 69% against the pro-rata requirement with a shortfall of 46,877 MT”.

Similarly, against the requirement of 60,000 MOP, the state received just 58,990 MT, he said.

“There is a huge demand for these fertilisers following an intense spell of rainfall that succeeded a dry spell, prompting farmers to carry out agricultural operations in full swing,” Patnaik said in the letter, adding that the state had suffered crop losses last year due to cyclones.

Keeping in view the IMD forecast, the chief minister said, farmers are hopeful of a good harvest this season.

“I request your personal intervention for ensuring the supply of these fertilisers to the state… in the greater interest of the farmers,” Patnaik wrote to Mandaviya.

Khuba, rejecting Patnaik’s claim, however, said that the Centre provided fertilisers ”as per requirement”.

The state unit of BJP, in a statement quoting the minister, said, ”The chief minister is indulging politics over the matter. Let the CM not make false claims and also prevent his officers from doing so.” The Odisha government had sought 0.08 LMT of urea by August 25, 2022, while the central government has supplied 2.04 LMT, the minister said.

Similarly, the Centre has supplied 0.52 LMT of DAP against the Odisha’s demand of 0.32 LMT, and 0.45 LMT of MOP against the demand of 0.25 LMT, the Union minister stated.

Khuba further said that the ministry updates its website everyday with the details of supplies sent to each state.

Non-BJP state governments have been “misleading farmers” by providing false data, he alleged.

The Centre is serious about resolving all issued related to farmers, he asserted.

Khuba appealed to the farmers of Odisha “not to pay heed to the rumours about scarcity of fertilisers” in Odisha and refrain from purchasing it at higher prices.

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