By | 04 Aug 2022 at 10:36 PM
Ranchi University develops cold feet on outsourcing examination process

Students in the colleges of Ranchi University that are based in rural areas will now be able to choose new subjects under the NEP 2020. The University is set to launch skill-based courses such as Poultry, Forestry, Handicraft and Tailoring among others.

The syllabus for the same is being prepared by a committee of experts headed by Dr Rajkumar Sharma, DSW, RU. The skill-based courses being started will be taught at the graduation level in the new session under NEP 2022.

Notably, the committee is to decide which college will provide what kind of courses depending on the regions it is based at. This is so that maximum resources are available for students in those areas.

Before the course begins, workshops and seminars will also be organised and information will be given about the benefits of the said courses. University administration believes that the above-mentioned courses are job oriented. Thus after completion of studies, students can have employment opportunities.

Talking in this regard, DSW Raj Kumar said, “These courses will help students self-sustain themselves. They will even be able to create work for themselves apart from the private and government sector through these courses if they are taught in a particular manner.”

He further said, “The subjects are yet to be finalised, however, we are thinking over Carpentry, Forestry, Tailoring, Poultry, and Gardening. These courses will be worth three credits each worth 100 marks per semester for two semesters. These will be taught as a part of BA courses and will be one of the Introductory subjects in the Major course.”