By | 26 Aug 2022 at 8:45 PM

Several people living in buildings close to Supertech’s twin towers have decided to go for vacation while many will be putting up at hotels on Sunday, when the structures are set to be demolished with the help of explosives.

The nearly 100-metre-tall towers, which came up illegally on Emerald Court’s premises, will become India’s tallest structures to be demolished by implosion technique in pursuance of a Supreme Court order. Around 5,000 residents of two societies will be the most impacted when the structures go down at 2.30 pm on August 28, leaving behind a whopping 55,000 tonnes of debris. The residents will be allowed to return only after 4 pm following safety clearance from officials. Around 2,700 vehicles from both societies will also be removed.

Gaurav Saxena, who lives a few metres away from the twin towers, is going on vacation to Nainital with his family for three days. Saxena fears dust allergy after the demolition.

”We have decided to go for vacation. My mother is an asthma patient. We can’t take the risk of keeping her at home. So, we have decided to take a small vacation to Nainital. We will be able to spend some time outside the city and dust will settle down till then,” Saxena said.

Talking about precautions he has taken, Saxena said he has covered his entire balcony with polythene to prevent the entry of dust.

”We have decided to wear N95 masks for a week after the demolition to prevent dust allergy,” he added. Monica, whose flat is in Aster 5 tower, said she has booked a hotel room for herself and her daughters while her husband is not in the town.

”My daughter has an exam on the day of the demolition. So, we have booked a room in a hotel so that her studies are not affected. We will go to the hotel a day before the demolition,” Monica said.

Monica is confident that the demolition process will be conducted smoothly as so many agencies are involved.

She is, however, worried about health problems that may take place due to dust.

”It is very easy to develop lung problems. The dust that will be released from the demolition will enter our lungs and might cause several issues. I hope it settles down easy,” Monica added.

Her neighbour Rajni Seth, who lives alone, said their Resident Welfare Association has arranged accommodation in a different building.

”We will adjust with our neighbours for a few hours. I will also go there and wait for the demolition to conclude,” she said.

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