By | 23 Jan 2023 at 9:58 PM
What Monterey Park shooting suspect Huu Can Tran’s ex-wife revealed, their relationship

The suspect in the mass shooting in Monterey Park has been identified as 72-year-old Huu Can Tran. Saturday night, he opened fire at the Star Ballroom Studio in Monterey Park, California, killing at least ten people and injuring ten others. Afterward, he fled the scene and entered a dance studio located down the alley from the mass shooting scene. At the second scene, he was disarmed, after which he allegedly fled in a white van. Sunday morning, when authorities closed in on him in his vehicle, he committed suicide by shooting himself.

Now, in an interview with CNN, his ex-wife, who requested anonymity, disclosed information about the shooter and their relationship.

Tran frequently attended the Star Ballroom Studio. According to reports, he met his ex-wife at the studio and offered her free lessons.

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She told CNN that, despite Tran’s short fuse, he was never violent towards her. She claimed that he would become extremely irritated if she missed a dance step during their routine. He felt that it diminished his reputation. She stated that they had been together for many years. In 2005, after losing interest in her, he filed for divorce. CNN reported that their divorce was finalised the following year.

Saturday’s shooter, Huu Can Tran, is reportedly a Chinese immigrant who used a semi-automatic assault pistol.

The motivation for the crime is unknown.

“I still have unanswered questions, namely, what was the shooter’s motivation? Did he suffer from a mental disorder? Congresswoman Judy Chu stated this during a press conference.