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Axis Bank Credit Card Application: How To Check Status, Duration, and more

Axis Bank credit card application status can be checked online using application ID and cellphone number, or by contacting their customer care hotline.

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Axis Bank Credit Card Application: You may use your application ID (PAN) and cellphone number to check the progress of your Axis Bank credit card application online. By contacting their customer care hotline, you may also inquire on the status of your application. Find out how to check the status of your credit card application with Axis Bank step-by-step by reading on.

Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status

Axis Bank provides a dedicated web platform where customers may check the progress of credit card applications. To finish the form and check the progress, you need to have the cellphone number, PAN, and application ID available on the spot.

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How to Use the Application ID to Check the Status of an Application?

  1. Visit the official Axis Bank website.
  2. Select the App ID menu.
  3. Enter the application ID you were given when you submitted your application.
  4. Following submission, the application status will be shown on the website.
  5. Using a cell number and PAN to verify the application’s validity
  6. Enter your PAN and cellphone number when requested. Select the option for PAN/Mobile Number. Following submission, the application status will be shown on the website.

Emailing an application to inquire about its progress

Check out the email part of the Axis Bank website. After inputting the data, type your application ID and the phrase “I need to know the status of my application” in the message box. After entering the captcha code, click Submit. The bank will reply to your email to let you know how your application is going.

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How Can I Check Whether My Axis Bank Credit Card Application Is Offline?

You can call Axis Bank’s credit card division to find out how your credit card application is progressing. Make phone calls to 1860-500-5555 or 1860-419-5555 to use the phone banking facility.

For international callers who would like to reach the appropriate department, please use +91-22-67987700.

Consumers can also go to the bank branch that is nearest to them if they would want to discover the precise status of their credit card request.

No Records Found: If the entered information is wrong, a message indicating that “no records found” will show on the screen. Try to enter the information properly and click the submit button to resolve this.

Requests that are presently being processed are shown as “in-progress”; more time will be required for the bank to review and approve them.

Your credit card request will be mailed out soon if it is indicated as “approved,” which indicates that it has been authorised.

Dispatched: The status of your credit card becomes “dispatched” after it is delivered to the address you have provided. As soon as the credit card is dispatched, an SMS is sent out with the shipment details and the approximate date of delivery. Since the candidate is usually the only one handed the credit card, it is best to be reachable at the address provided.

On Hold: If your account is “on-hold,” it means that the bank is asking further details or supporting documents. Ideally, you should receive a call or message from the bank itself.

Rejected: If your credit card application has the status “rejected,” it means that the bank has denied it because it did not comply with the rules. Maybe the bank will provide a detailed message explaining why the application was turned down. Contact customer support for further details about the denial.


How long would Axis Bank take to approve my credit card application?

Applications for credit cards may be processed in seven to ten business days. That may, however, change according on the contender.

Why has Axis Bank delayed my credit card application?

Your credit card application may be suspended if you provide insufficient documents or inconsistent data. Other internal issues peculiar to a bank may exist. To find out why it’s on hold, call 1-860-419-5555 or 1-860-500-5555, the bank’s numbers.

In the event that my credit card application is denied, would I be notified of the reason(s)?

Indeed. You may get in touch with the bank to inquire about the reason for your application’s rejection. Later on, once the problem has been fixed, you can reapply. However, applying too quickly after being turned down is not recommended.

How does one apply for a credit card from Axis Bank? What prerequisites must be met?

It is necessary to be between the ages of 18 and 70 in order to be eligible for an Axis Bank credit card. It is essential that you are a resident Indian, or NRI, with an active credit history.

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