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Thomas Alva Edison Biography

Thomas Alva Edison Biography: On February 11, 1847, Thomas Alva Edison was born. Edison was a manufacturer, entrepreneur, and inventor. In his mid-thirties, he achieved global renown thanks to his abilities at marketing both himself and his innovations. The incandescent light bulb, the phonograph, and the “Kinetograph”—one of the first motion picture cameras—were among the more than 1,000 patents Edison held individually or jointly during his career. While collaborating with a number of renowned scholars to establish the first industrial research laboratory in history, Edison was the first inventor to apply the concepts of organised science and cooperation to the process of invention.

On February 11, 1847, Thomas Alva Edison was born in Milan, Ohio. He was the youngest of seven children born to his mother Nancy Elliott Edison and father Samuel Edison Jr., both of whom unfortunately passed away in 1871. His mother, a former schoolteacher, taught Edison reading, writing, and arithmetic while his father, a lighthouse keeper and carpenter, worked on the “Fort Gratiot” military outpost in Michigan. At the tender age of 12, Edison started experiencing hearing issues.

He began making $50 a week selling sweets, newspapers, and vegetables on a train from Port Huron to Detroit when he was 13 years old. The majority of this money was used to buy supplies for his experiments. After learning about the new telegraphy technology, he served as a telegrapher all around the United States during the Civil War. After that, Edison experienced severe hearing loss, which was linked to his earlier case of scarlet fever. His disadvantage inspired him to create tools that would enable someone with hearing loss to utilise auditory signals.

Mary Stillwell, who Edison married in 1871 at the age of 16, died in August 1884. He remarried in February 1886 to Mirna Miller, with whom he had three children, following the death of his first wife. The Columbia, a brand-new steamer, used Edison’s incandescent light bulb for the first time in commerce in 1880; the Columbia was decommissioned in 1895. He established the Edison Illuminating Company in December 1880 and bought a sizable estate with a research facility in West Orange, New Jersey, where he started to develop and market the phonograph. Since that time, Edison has been honoured with a “Technical Grammy Award,” a title given to people who have made outstanding technical contributions to their profession.

The “Wizard of Menlo Park” moniker was given to Edison because of his interest in advancing knowledge in his laboratory. Later in life, he concentrated more on creating an alkaline storage battery, for which he was credited with creating the foundation for contemporary electricity. Diabetes-related problems caused Thomas Edison’s death in 1931.

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Thomas Alva Edison Net Worth, Height

Full Name: Thomas Alva Edison

Nickname: The Wizard of Menlo Park

Birth date: February 11, 1847

Death date: October 18, 1931 (age 84)

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5′ 10″

Net Worth: $12 million

Thomas Alva Edison Biography: 5 IMPRESSIVE FACTS

One hundred ninety-three of Edison’s 1,093 patents were for electric light and power, 195 were for the phonograph, 150 were for the telegraph, 141 were for storage batteries, and 34 were for the telephone.

When some sulfuric acid from an experiment he was conducting during his night shift in 1867 spilled on the floor, seeped through the floorboards, and ended up on his boss’ desk, he was fired the following day.

The largest publicly traded company in the world is still “General Electric” today.

The first “Frankenstein” movie was created by Edison’s film company in 1910.

Dot and Dash are the names Edison gave his kids in honour of the morse code.