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Difference Between Auxin and Gibberellin

Difference Between Auxin and Gibberellin: Auxin and gibberellin are two types of hormones that play important roles in plant growth. Auxin is responsible for promoting the growth of root tips, stem tips, and branches, while gibberellin stimulates the growth of leaves, flowers, and fruits.

What is Auxin?

Auxin is a hormone that helps plants grow. Gibberellin is a hormone that helps plants flower.

What is Gibberellin?

Auxin is a plant hormone that regulates growth and development. Gibberellin is a plant hormone that affects the way plants respond to auxin.

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When Auxin and Gibberellin Work Together

Auxin and gibberellin work together in order to control plant growth. Auxin is a hormone that is produced by the root tips and Gibberellin is a molecule that stimulates the production of auxin from the roots. When these molecules are combined, they help to stimulate plant growth.

One important difference between auxin and gibberellin is that auxin is a systemic hormone while gibberellin is a local hormone. This means that auxin travels throughout the plant while gibberellin only affects the roots. Additionally, auxin has a slower response time than gibberellin. This means that it takes auxin longer to start working its magic than gibberellin.

However, both auxin and gibberellin have their own advantages. For example, auxins can move more easily through soil whereas gibberellins can stay localized in the cells of roots. Additionally, auxins can cross cell membranes while gibberellins cannot. So, while both auxins and gibberellins have their own advantages, they work best when used together in order to achieve optimal plant growth.

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How Auxin and Gibberellin Affect Plants

Auxin and gibberellin are two types of hormones that are crucial for plants to grow. Auxin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps plants grow tall and straight. Gibberellin, on the other hand, is a synthetic version of auxin. It helps plants expand their stems and leaves. Both auxin and gibberellin have different effects on plants depending on how much they are used.


Auxin is a plant growth hormone that controls the root, shoot and stem elongation. Gibberellin is an auxin analog that increases the rate of cell division in plants.