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Dog Breeds Lifespan: List of shortest and long lived dogs

Dog Trust, a UK-based dog welfare organization, has examined data on over 500,000 dogs from over 150 breeds and crossbreeds, revealing that some dogs have shorter lifespans due to breeding practices.

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Dog Breeds Lifespan: We want our beloved buddies to be a part of our family for as long as possible. However, some dogs have shorter lifespans due to their breeding practices.

A UK-based dog welfare organisation called Dog Trust has examined information on over 500,000 canines belonging to more than 150 breeds and crossbreeds. This information was gathered from eighteen separate UK-based sources, including as pet insurance providers, breed registries, and vets.

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Using that data, scientists were able to identify the dog breeds that often die sooner or later.

According to their research, which was published in the journal Scientific Reports, dogs with flat faces—like bulldogs—are 40% more likely to die young than dogs with conventional facial forms.

Dog Breeds Lifespan: Long Lived

Observe which breeds live the longest and which live the shortest, then notice the second characteristic that affects each breed’s longevity.

Lancashire Heeler

For this breed, the median predicted lifetime is 15.4 years.

With a protective streak, Lancashire heelers are gregarious, energetic, and inclined to bark at package handlers. Their trainability makes it possible to combat their vocal propensities.

Like humans, they grin with their lips pursed when they’re happy.

Tibetan Spaniel

For this breed, the median predicted lifetime is 15.2 years.

Tibetan spaniels were originally bred to serve in Tibet’s monasteries.

This breed doesn’t require a lot of assistance with grooming. Its silky fur needs regular brushing, but aside from the area surrounding its paw tips, not much cutting is necessary.

The spirit of Tibetan spaniels is harmonious. They like going on runs with their owners as well as lounging about the house.

Japanese Inus

For this breed, the median predicted lifetime is 14.6 years.

Shibu Inus are an ancient breed whose origins in Japan date back to 7000 B.C., according to archaeological discoveries.Although they are now the most well-liked breed in Japan, during World War II, bombing attacks and a canine virus nearly drove them from the country. They make kind and attentive companions.


Papillons are energetic, talkative, and loving dogs. Their ear form led to the adoption of their French name, which means “butterfly dog.” Papillon enthusiasts claim that the breed’s flowing yet easily-maintained coat lends it a “sensible glamour.” It was well known that royals such as Marie Antoinette enjoyed papillons.

More long-lived breeds

Some breeds that have lengthy lifespans are:

  • Lakeland terriers: 14.2 years median estimated lifespan
  • Schipperkes: 14.2 years
  • Border terriers: 14.2 years
  • Italian greyhounds: 14 years
  • Miniature dachshunds: 14 years

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Dog Breeds Lifespan: Shortest Lifespan

Larger dogs as well as dogs with flatter snouts tend to live shorter lives. Regretfully, studies discovered that large-build breeds had a 20% higher chance of having shorter lifespans.

The breeds listed below often have the lowest lifespans, per the study.

Caucasian shepherd dogs

For this breed, the median predicted lifetime is 5.4 years.

Since they were first developed to keep livestock safe from predators and to guard property from trespassers, Caucasian shepherd dogs have been around for generations. By nature, they remain watchdogs even now. They’re kind, but not really jovial or extroverted.

Presa canarios

For this breed, the median predicted lifetime is 7.7 years.

Although Presa canarios are a huge Spanish breed of dog that is peaceful, they are not very friendly towards strangers, children, or other dogs. They’re not particularly playful either. Even yet, they are submissive and content with their devoted owner.

Cane corso

For this breed, the median predicted lifetime is 8.1 years.

Cane corsos are excellent protectors. Cane corsos are devoted to and kind towards their owners, even though they aren’t always gregarious with others.

This breed is quite ancient. Their Latin name means “bodyguard dog,” and they were employed as battle dogs in ancient Greece. They were later trained as farm dogs and put to work hunting and property guarding over the years.


For this breed, the median predicted lifetime is nine years.

Because they are often quite obstinate, mastiffs require early training. Although they usually want to please their family, if an owner’s harsh remarks terrify them or harm their feelings, they won’t listen to directions.

Mastiffs are more likely than other breeds to experience joint injuries in their early years and remain in the puppy stage longer. Avoid taking them on lengthy walks or demanding physical training until they are between 18 and 24 months old.

More short-lived dog breeds

Some breeds that live shorter lives are:

  • Saint Bernard: 9.3 years median estimated lifespan
  • Bloodhound: 9.3 years
  • Affenpinscher: 9.3 years
  • Neapolitan mastiff: 9.3 years
  • Bulldog: 9.8 years
  • French bulldog: 9.8 years
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