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How to destroy a Cicada Killer nest?

Big, menacing wasps known as "cicada killers" can make homeowners panic when they find their nests in their gardens or lawns. Although they are usually not hostile toward humans, these lone wasps could cause trouble if found in large groups.

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How to destroy a Cicada Killer nest? We will walk you through the safe and easy method of doing it without hurting yourself!

Big, menacing wasps known as “cicada killers” can make homeowners panic when they find their nests in their gardens or lawns. Although they are usually not progressively hostile toward humans, these lone wasps could cause trouble if found in large groups. It’s crucial to remove cicada killer nests properly and safely if you discover one on your land. Indeed these can be annoying but eliminating a lot of them could cause ecological imbalance in your garden therefore, please make sure to eliminate their nests only if its causing an infestation.

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Not particularly harmful for humans, Cicada killers can sometimes scare many of us due to their “oversized bee-like” appearances and surely they are a threat to cicadas (not to worry, unless you are one!)

Although less violent than wasps and hornets, cicada killers will sting as a last option if threatened. This insect may be very difficult to manage because of its huge, ominous size, its capacity to sting, and their propensity to dig unsettling holes in yards to nest. However, if you uncover a Cicada killer’s nest, this blog will show you how to get rid of it.

Where can you find them?

Cicada killers, scientifically known as Sphecius speciosus kill cicadas that are drawn to shrubs, flower gardens, and loose soil and live underground in nests. They are also called as ‘ground digger wasps’ due to their nest-building nature. In addition to soft, sandy, well-drained soil, cicada killers frequently dig tunnels on sloping terrain, flower beds, or the ground near sidewalks. Near the openings of their nests, there are a few little heaps of soil.

Yes, the big question “Do they sting?”; they do. However, only female cicada killers are aggressors as the males lack a sting. Female cicada killers inject cicadas with a paralyzing venom and then carry them to their nest to feed the larvae. The process can be a cause of the cicada killer wasp infestation in your lawn or garden and therefore we will move on to the part where we help you deal with their nests.

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How can you get rid of Cicada killers in your garden?

By regularly watering your grass and flower beds, you can lessen the amount of cicada killers in your backyard. Since cicada killer wasps dislike damp soil, frequent watering can help repel them. Create a watering schedule to maintain the same moisture level in your soil. Growing strong, lush grass is also a wonderful way to keep cicada killers out of your area. In the warmer months, if you see any barren spots on the lawn, treat them right away by planting or mulching the areas.

Steps to destroy a Cicada killers’ nest:

Before we leap into the “destroy the Cicada killer nest” part, we must be careful with certain things. Yes, these wasps are mostly harmless but approaching them can be tricky and lead to stinging cases. To avoid that, we would recommend you wear protective gear. Wear rubber gloves along with protective eyeglasses and a mask. Make sure to carry an insecticide spray or powder along with you in case you’re facing a large amount of infestation.

Now that we’re all set, let us dig deeper into the process of eliminating the nest:

  • Find the Nest: You need to locate the nest in order to destroy it. If you want to find a cicada killer nest, search for a little pile of loose earth with an opening in the middle that is roughly the diameter of a pencil. There will be some loose soil heaped around the opening of the nest and you might spot the wasps near it flying around.
  • Dusk or Nighttime: These time periods are the best ones to go for the destruction process of these nests. Once you find the nest make sure to stick with the non-chemmical approach rather than the chemical ones as this could lead to your garden’s ecology imbalance.
  • Pour boiling water into the nest: Fill the hole with the hot water. Put a glass bowl over the burrow’s opening as soon as possible, and leave it on. In the morning, inspect the dish. The bowl would lock up the wasp if it failed to drown in the water.
  • Use Chemicals: You can chemicals like Bleach or Boric acid and pour them inside the nest to quickly eliminate the wasps inside and destroy the eggs.


By complying with the tips and methods given above, one can properly and securely destroy a cicada killer nest. It’s important to keep in mind that these insects contribute to the management of cicada populations. To safeguard the safety of both you and the environment, it is recommended that you speak with a professional pest management agency before handling a cicada killer nest or an infestation.

Aliya Tabassum
Aliya Tabassum
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