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Unveiling the Top 10 Countries with the Happiest Workers

This article explores the top thirty countries with the happiest labor forces, focusing on two corporations and providing a comprehensive list of these countries.

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Countries Having Happiest Workers: This article will examine the thirty nations whose labor forces are the happiest worldwide. Two corporations whose employees are the happiest were the subject of a separate article. For a more comprehensive enumeration and further information, please refer to the 30 Countries With the Happiest Workers Worldwide.

Countries Having Happiest Workers

10. United Kingdom:

  • Balance between Work and Life: 8
  • 9 for happiness
  • Rank Average: 8.5

Nearly fifty percent of British employees, according to a recent survey by Accenture, are incorporating generative AI into their daily work lives to achieve a healthier work-life balance. Despite being available to the public for less than a year, this technology is already producing favorable outcomes, as employees are employing it to delegate monotonous and time-intensive duties to chatbots, which ultimately increases productivity. Thirty percent of the 2,002 employees in remote and office-based positions in the United Kingdom who participated in the survey expressed a desire to use the time spared by AI to improve their work-life balance.

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9. Finland

  • 15 for Work-Life Balance
  • Contentment: 1
  • Rank Average: 8

Finland has a customary eight-hour workday and a four-week annual paid summer vacation that frequently takes place in July. Numerous industries provide at least 30 days of statutory paid annual leave. Finland has one of the most advantageous employment benefits among nations.

8. France

  • 3 for Work-Life Balance
  • Happiness: 12
  • Rank Average: 7.5

France, and Paris in particular, position third globally in terms of work-life balance, with an impressive 75.34 out of 100. The nation boasts universal public insurance, a high satisfaction index, a 25.6-hour average workweek, and LGBTQ+ acceptance.

7. Sweden

  • 11 for Work-Life Balance
  • Contentment: 4
  • Rank Average: 7.5

The Swedish work-life equilibrium is exceptional, with family support taking precedence. Nursery schools that are reasonably priced provide care for infants as young as one, allowing parents to return to work following a leave of absence. Tax-funded mandatory education, which spans from six to nineteen years of age, frequently provides refreshments. For time off to care for ill children, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency reimburses parents with children under the age of twelve. As a result of this family-friendly atmosphere, Stockholm has been named one of the most desirable cities for employment globally.

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6. Netherlands

  • Seventh Work-Life Balance
  • 7 for happiness
  • Rank Average: 7

The Netherlands is renowned within the OECD for its stellar work-life balance, as a mere 0.3% of its workforce is engaged in extremely lengthy hours of paid labor. On average, full-time laborers in the Netherlands dedicate 64% of their day, or 15.4 hours, to activities related to personal care and leisure.

5. Canada

  • 9 for Work-Life Balance
  • Pleasantness: 3
  • Rank Average: 6

Approximately 65 percent of Canadians indicated that they had achieved a healthier work-life balance in 2022, per an Ipsos survey. Two-thirds of working Canadians, according to the survey, believed they had achieved a more favorable work-life equilibrium. Additionally, 70% of those working virtually did not intend to return to the office regularly in 2023, according to the data.

4. Denmark

  • 5 for Work-Life Balance
  • Sixth Happiness
  • Rank Average: 5.5

MoneyNerd ranked Copenhagen, Denmark, as the most desirable city globally in terms of work-life equilibrium and competitive salary. With an average salary of $44,474 and an 8.6 out of 10 work-life balance rating, Copenhagen is the best option for those in search of a work-life balance environment.

3. Australia

  • 4 for Work-Life Balance
  • 5 for happiness
  • Rank On Average: 4.5

With approximately 26 million inhabitants, Australia possesses a high standard of living. The life expectancy of women is 85 years and that of men is 81 years.

2. Norway

  • Sixth Work-Life Balance
  • Pleasantness: 3
  • Rank On Average: 4.5

Norway boasts an exceptionally favorable work-life balance, as a mere 1% of its workforce is engaged in extremely lengthy hours of paid labor. Around 15.7 hours, or 65% of the day, are devoted to personal care and leisure by the full-time employees. Norway is also among the nations with the highest quality of education.

1. New Zealand

  • One: Work-Life Balance
  • Contentment: 4
  • Rank On Average: 2.5

New Zealand attained the maximum score of 79.35 in the work-life balance category, owing to its robust economy, government-funded universal healthcare system, and generous annual leave of 32 days. The workers in New Zealand are the happiest in the entire globe.

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