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The world is fast moving towards newer and better technology every single day. With the advent of the digital era, we have access to better methods of finance and ease of access to financial markets.

One of these digital era inventions in online trading platforms. Compared to the days of old, when trading or owing stocks included a dreaded visit to a congested stock exchange, online trading is godsent.

As you are very well aware, stocks and equity represent ownership of a company. As trading techniques advanced, ownership was no longer restricted to companies. It expanded into commodities such as crude oil, natural gas, and coal, onwards towards precious metals such as gold, platinum, and silver, and then even more so towards energy. Yes, it is possible now to own a stake in the energy market like wind, solar, or bioethanol.

So, how do we best go around owning key elements in the world’s financial markets? Simple: we use an online trading platform.

Online Trading Platforms-An Introduction

As you very well know, online trading platforms came with the advent of the digital revolution. Now, just exactly which trading platform should one choose? Most often, the choice boils down to the following:

Þ Minimum Deposit Requirements

Þ Reliability of platform

Þ Customer Service

Þ Types of Accounts

Þ Features of the trading platform

Þ Commissions & Spreads

The well-informed investor would ideally choose a trading platform that combines all of the above in one.


During our research, we came across Coins-Capital. The reason we considered Coins-Capital worth reviewing was because of increased client traffic from their website. We believe the rise in popularity deserved to be investigated thoroughly. Hence, we set up an account and got started on our journey.

Setting Up an Account

The first thing you need to get started with Coins-Capital is an account. You can do this by registering their standard form which looks like this:

Coins-Capital registration form

First Name

Last Name

Email Address


This simple form, once submitted, leads to a call back from one of their customer support agents. They will ask for basic details to supplement your profile, such as your source of income, proof of identification, etc.

Starting Your Trading Journey

As soon as your account goes live, you will start getting the options you wish to choose regarding account type.

The types of accounts offered are:

  1. Basic
  2. Mid Level
  3. Professional

Each account comes with its own benefits, trading product access, and unique features.

H3 Basic Account

Minimum Deposit


Client Support


Trade Products

Except Crypto

Personal Trader


H3 Mid-Level Account



Client Support


Trade Products


Personal Trader

Once a Week

H3 Professional



Client Support


Trade Products

All including exclusive access to crypto

Personal Trader


Is Your Cryptocurrency Safe With Coins-Capital?

Once you have leveled up your trading game with Coins-Capital, you will get premium access to digital currencies, also known as cryptocurrencies.

One key aspect that worries potential investors is the safety of crypto. Naturally, compared to traditional trading products such as equities or even CFDs [Contracting for Differences], crypto has a unique aspect: it is entirely digital.

Digital wallets are susceptible to hacking attempts by hackers. Data can be stolen and technically ownership of those digital assets can be at risk.

Coins-Capital offers prime levels of data security. Their trading platform is embedded with the latest end-to-end encryption. This means that not just your digital assets, but also your privacy is protected at all times.

Finally: Closing Comments on Coins-Capital

Naturally, no broker is ever perfect. We do understand that hence we started out on this journey. The downsides that we discovered for Coins-Capital are that they have high fees for basic accounts. Although this is disappointing to hear, we feel that their facilities provided and overall benefits outweigh their costs.

Contact Coins-Capital today to learn more.

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