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Top 10 YouTube Channels for Finance Your Ultimate Guide to Financial Education

Top 10 YouTube Channels for Finance: Over the past couple of decades, technology has provided us with numerous platforms that provide convenient access to information on any topic imaginable. YouTube stands out as the most exceptional platform, where you can find videos on virtually any subject you can conceive. And the highlight? Finance is no different!

15% of adults in the United States lose $10,000 annually due to a lack of financial literacy, according to a CNBC report from 2022! That is a significant loss, highlighting the importance of acquiring financial knowledge. To gain financial knowledge, scrolling through finance-related YouTube channels can be a fantastic idea, right?

However, we have a warning for you. Numerous YouTube channels are devoted to financial education, but not all of them provide individuals with the knowledge necessary to plan for a brighter financial future.

This is why we have compiled a list of the top 10 finance-related YouTube channels. Whether you’re attempting to save for retirement, pay off debt, or plan for a long-term financial aim, these channels can provide you with invaluable information and fantastic advice to help you achieve your objectives.

Top 10 YouTube Channels for Finance:

1. Graham Stephan

Stephan is a young finance YouTuber who documents his real estate triumphs and failures. Despite his youth, he has accumulated a substantial fortune and provides insightful advice on personal finance and investing. Since joining YouTube in December 2016, his channel has received over 550 million views and over 4.29 million subscribers.

Although he became wealthy through real estate, he also discusses investing, saving money, purchasing automobiles, improving credit ratings, and discovering new sources of income. Graham’s channel is an excellent resource for those who are just beginning their financial journey or seeking to expand their current knowledge. Additionally, he provides valuable advice and direction to those considering a career in real estate.

People have been drawn to purchase Stephan’s courses as a result of the fact that his videos are engaging and offer practical advice. The fact that Graham began earning millions at the tender age of 26 has equipped him with expert knowledge of his field, which he shares on his YouTube channel.

2. Andrei Jikh

The YouTube channel for finance maintained by Andrei Jikh is a veritable treasury of information on personal finance, investing, and financial minimalism. The videos of Jikh, who has over 2.22 million subscribers and nearly 256 million views, are informative, entertaining, and simple to comprehend.

His dedication to honesty and integrity distinguishes him from other finance YouTubers. Jikh takes a different approach than the majority of YouTubers, who focus on making a fast buck by promoting shady MLM schemes or spreading fear. Rather than attempting to sell them something, he believes in empowering his audience with knowledge and understanding.

On his channel, Jikh discusses a range of topics, from saving and investing to more complex topics like cryptocurrency investments and trading options. In addition, he discusses issues such as protecting your assets, establishing goals, and deciding whether to rent or purchase a home.

3. Nate O’Brien

The channel of Nate O’Brien is an excellent starting point if you want sensible financial advice to help you manage your finances and increase your income. His channel has over 1,300,000 subscribers who appreciate personal finance, productivity, and investing-related videos.

His focus on minimalism and lifestyle distinguishes him from other financial YouTubers. Nate videos are of high quality and are infused with personal anecdotes, making them relatable. Nate video on his minimalist abode, for example, received over 2.8 million views, while his channel as a whole received over 70 million.

Despite the emphasis on lifestyle, Nate’s content is rich in investment and budgeting advice that can help you optimise your financial situation. While his investment videos can be challenging, the average observer can still understand them.

4. WhiteBoard Finance

WhiteBoard Finance is an excellent resource for anyone interested in personal finance, the stock market, real estate investments, and entrepreneurship. The channel has over 58 million views and roughly 948 thousand subscribers.

The creator of the channel, Marko Zlatic, provides actionable advice to his audience based on his extensive experience as a real estate investor, stock market investor, finance student, and entrepreneur.

Marko’s emphasis on transparency and open communication with his viewers is one of WhiteBoard Finance’s defining characteristics. He is enthusiastic about personal finance and dedicated to sharing his knowledge and insights to assist others in achieving their financial goals.

Marko’s channel is a valuable resource for anyone interested in personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship, as he covers a vast array of financial topics. His most viewed video, “How Car Dealerships Rip You Off (The Truth),” has over 8 million views, but he covers virtually every financial topic.

5. Ryan Scribner

The Scribner channel is essential viewing for anyone interested in learning about personal finance. With over 65 million views and over 800,000 subscribers, Scribner has provided financial education since 2016.

Scribner’s dedication to amassing a massive stock portfolio through small and consistent contributions has enabled him to accrue a massive following. In addition, Scribner provides guidance on reducing living expenses, earning additional money, travelling inexpensively, retiring early, creating, launching, and managing a business, and passive income sources.

One thing that distinguishes Ryan Scribner is his ability to create engaging and completely beginner-friendly financial content. His channel contains videos about books to read in your twenties, how to go from $0 to $100,000, and how to earn dividends from various securities.

Unique is Scribner’s approach to personal financing. He explains that time equals money and that we are taught that working longer hours will result in greater compensation. Nevertheless, he advises against this approach, which he terms “herd mentality.”

Instead, Scribner discusses the significance of passive income channels and how to earn additional income without working longer hours. He is also an angel investor in a variety of ventures, including Fintech platforms like Yotta Bank and Commonstock.

6. Financial Education

Financial Education is a great resource for learning about finances and investing. This channel, launched in 2016 by Jeremy, seeks to improve the financial literacy of people of all backgrounds and nationalities.

Financial Education has more than 720,000 subscribers and more than 100 million views. This channel is distinguished from others in the finance genre by its combination of education and advice. The topics covered in Jeremy’s videos include open APIs, engagement banking, and the future of finance.

Many people are inspired by Jeremy’s success tale, which includes having no money at age 19 and accumulating a $200,000 stock portfolio by age 24. He shares the secrets to his success with his audience and also offers personalised advice to the members of his private group in order for them to learn more.

Jeremy’s videos encompass a variety of topics, but stock market investment is his primary focus. By providing insights on his stock holdings, specific stock performances, and how-to videos, he advises viewers on how to build a solid stock portfolio. The information is well-researched, instructive, and presented in an engaging manner.

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7. The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet is a great YouTube channel for those who want to learn more about money management. Chelsea Fagan and her staff manage a channel with over one million subscribers and 115 million views. The channel was established in 2015, making it a reliable online resource for financial advice.

Channel is distinguished from others by its approach to finance, which is both straightforward and entertaining. The channel discusses financial education in an approachable manner, dispelling misconceptions and making finance accessible to all.

Whether you’re a novice or seeking to launch your own enterprise, Financial Diet can assist you. Financial Diet encompasses a variety of topics, such as budgeting, career, college, and lifestyle.

Additionally, the channel offers five distinct categories that distinguish it further. Each of these categories is carefully subdivided, making it simple for viewers to locate topics of interest.

8. MappedOutMoney

MappedOutMoney is ideal for anyone seeking to increase their financial literacy and obtain financial control. Nick True hosts this channel, which offers a unique perspective on personal finance compared to the other channels on this list. True and his family have made their home in an Airstream Camper. They travel across the country while discussing personal finances!

MappedOutMoney has over 55,000 subscribers and its videos have received over three million views. Numerous videos on the channel are dedicated to budgeting, which is the channel’s primary focus. True discusses budgeting fundamentals and the YNAB budgeting application.

However, the channel also addresses an important aspect of personal finance: attitude adjustment. True explains how to alter your perspective on money, why it is crucial to do so, and the factors that keep people in bad financial situations.

9. Debt Free Millennials

Are you struggling with debt and searching for effective solutions? Debt Free Millennials is a YouTube channel dedicated to assisting young people in eliminating their debt and living debt-free. The channel has more than 65,000 subscribers, and its videos have over 4 million views.

This channel, hosted by Justine Nelson, provides an abundance of advice on topics ranging from budgeting and investing to self-employment and online businesses. Justine Nelson cancelled his $35,000 student loan, based on his average annual salary of $37,000.

In addition to her insightful and relatable financial content, Nelson provides monthly budget analysis videos in which she and her husband discuss their expenses while drinking a beer. These videos are especially useful for those who want to reduce their expenses and begin living within their means.

10. Grant Cardone

With over 2.38 million subscribers and over 486 million views, GrantCardone’s YouTube channel is essential viewing for anyone seeking to expand their business or increase their income. Grant claims that his insightful business and marketing advice helps his followers tenfold their development.

According to Grant, cash is not monarch; rather, cash flow is. He explains that conserving money is ineffective due to inflation. Therefore, it is essential to temporarily store currency and then invest it. Grant’s channel emphasises on creating wealth and multiple streams of income, with an emphasis on real estate investment.

He educates his followers on practical advice and real-world solutions using his vast experience. Grant’s YouTube videos on finance provide his followers with actionable advice for maximising their growth.

Grant suggests investing in oneself, one’s business, and cash-generating real estate assets. Investing in yourself and your business can lead to a higher income and, ultimately, financial independence.