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KBC 14: The last known living members of which animal species in India are believed to have been shot by the 'Maharaja of Koriya' in 1947?

KBC 14: Which bird’s name, in Russian, did Valentina Tereshkova, the first and youngest woman in space, use as her radio call sign?






Answer: Seagull

Soviet Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev himself made the final selection, choosing Tereshkova, with Solovyova as first backup and Ponomaryova as second backup. On June 14, 1963, Vostok 5 launched with Valeriy Bykovskiy on board. Two days later, Tereshkova launched aboard Vostok 6 and made history by becoming the first woman in space, using the call sign Chaika (чайка), or Seagull.