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Mhada lottery 2024: When to Register, Apply, and Lottery Dates

The Mhada website in Maharashtra has updated its lottery application process for the Mhada lottery 2024, which is a housing unit lottery.

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune UK Revived with Graham Norton as Host on ITV1

Graham Norton hosts Celebrity Wheel of Fortune UK, a popular UK show where contestants select letters from a wheel to win prizes.

Discover the Top 15 Pro-American Countries in the World

The Pew Research Center revealed that Latin America, Asia, and Africa are among the top 15 pro-American nations, with over 54% of respondents expressing confidence in US President Joe Biden.

Top 12 Countries with Easy Work Visa Requirements

As a result of digitization, work visas have become a popular result in 12 nations offering simple work visa requirements, attracting expatriates seeking better employment opportunities in diverse industries.

Helldivers 2: New Gameplay and Updates for Windows PCs and PlayStation 5 Users

Helldivers 2, a third-person shooter game for Windows PCs and PlayStation 5, offers new challenges and improved graphics, following the 2015 release of Helldivers.

Tips for Recharging Your Car Battery on Pacific Drive: Repair Spots, DIY Jumper, and Charging Stations

Pacific Drive offers quick refills for automobile batteries, utilizing found objects as a battery jumper and charging stations for convenient and efficient battery maintenance.

OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition Phone Release Date Announced with Keqing-Inspired Design and Giveaways

The official OnePlus website has announced the release date for the Genshin Impact 12R phone, inspired by Keqing's electro-violet color scheme, and offers giveaways for limited editions.

PUBG Mobile Global Open 2024 Qualifiers Registration Now Open with $500,000 Grand Prize

The PUBG Mobile Esports website is now accepting registrations for the PMGO Qualifiers Finals, marking the start of the Global Open.