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Brent Rivera Biography: Age, Bio, Birthday, Family, Net Worth

Brent Rivera Biography: The birth date of Brent Rivera is January 9, 1998. In 2009, when he was only 11 years old, he started making videos. Since then, he has made a living producing entertaining videos for all to enjoy. Rivera is creative, as evidenced by the breadth of his career. In 2020, he was named the best creator at the Streamy Awards. The content creator has millions of fans on all of the major platforms for content distribution. His contributions to the industry of content creation are immense.

Craig Rivera Millions of people smile when they hear his name. He has produced captivating videos for over a decade. Initially, he created videos on Vine before moving on to other platforms. Rivera was born in California’s Huntington Beach. His astrological sign is Capricorn, and he is of Latino descent. Laura Marie Paternoster is his mother, while John Rivera is his father. The actor and his mother are close. There are three siblings in his family. One of his siblings, Lexi Rivera, is also a media personality.

He gained notoriety by uploading videos to the Vine app. By 2013, he was one of the most well-known Viners. Before the platform was discontinued, he had over eight million followers. Rivera appeared on the television programme “Alexander IRL” in 2017. There, he portrayed Alexander, the protagonist. Also in the same year, he appeared in “Stokes Twins.” In 2018, he played the character of Max in “Brobot.” He was featured in “How to Survive a Breakup” in 2019. Later, he appeared on the 2020 reality television show “Group Chat.” “Group Chat” is a television programme in which hosts converse with guests while they engage in fun games and other challenges. Finally, in 2021, he appeared on the American supernatural television series “Light as a Feather.”

In addition to acting, Rivera directs videos. On his social media channels and accounts, you can find hundreds of videos. His childhood and education remain largely unknown. Rivera is an entertainer by nature. He has been involved in entertainment projects for the majority of his life.

Brent Rivera Bio, Net Worth

Full Name: Brent Rivera

Birth date: January 9, 1998

Age: 26

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5′ 8″

Relationship Status: Single

Net Worth: $6.5 million

Brent Rivera Net Worth

Net Worth $16 Million
YouTube Income $1 Million
TikTok Income $3 Million
Instagram Earnings $2 Million
Other Business Income $1 Million
Assets and Investments $10 Million
Mortgages and Loans $3 Million

Brent Rivera Automobile Collection

Brent Rivera has purchased several luxury vehicles with his TikTok and YouTube earnings. Brent Rivera recently purchased an imported brand-new BMW X9 for $150,000 USD. Additionally, Brent Rivera owns a Ferrari F8 valued at $590,000 USD.