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Calum Hood Biography: Age, Wiki, Birthday, Family, Net Worth

Calum Hood Biography: Calum Thomas Hood was born on January 25, 1996, in Mount Druitt, New South Wales, and was raised there. He is best known as the guitarist for 5 Seconds of Summer, an Australian pop-rock band. His band, 5 SOS, has created outstanding music that has won the hearts of millions of people. Each of the band’s albums was a global smash. Hood has not only recruited a bassist for his band, but he has also collaborated on songs with other musicians. Let’s learn more about Hood outside of his roles as a singer, guitarist, and composer.

Calum Hood Birthday, Family

Calum Thomas Hood was born in Mount Druitt, New South Wales, on January 25, 1996. His father, David, is of Scottish ancestry and retired from Coca-Cola, while his mother, Joy, is of Mori ancestry and worked in the retirement industry. Mali-Koa, Hood’s older sister, is a singer-songwriter. At Norwest Primary School, Hood met his future bandmate Michael Clifford in the third grade. Hood attended Norwest Christian College, where he met his future bandmate Luke Hemmings in Year Seven, following a performance of Secondhand Serenade at a school talent show.

Throughout his childhood and early adolescence, Hood was captivated by sports, particularly soccer, for which he saw a bright future and attended a Brazil training camp in order to pursue a career in the sport. In addition, after the formation of the band and its relocation to London in late 2012, he ultimately decided to abandon football for music. After leaving sports, Hood stated that his parents did not likely support his decision to pursue a career in music for a month. He stood up for himself and adhered to his decision to stop playing football, resulting in his graduation from high school in 2012 after completing 11th grade.

Hood, Clifford, Hemmings, and Ashton began uploading cover songs to Hemmings’ YouTube channel, which led to the formation of 5 Seconds of Summer. They signed a publishing contract with Sony/A.T.V. Music Publishing after receiving interest from several record labels and publishers after months of uploading cover songs online. Each of the four albums that Hood and his band have released has been a worldwide smash. “5 Seconds of Summer,” “Sounds Good Feels Good,” “Youngblood,” and “Calm” are among their popular albums. Hood has written the majority of his band’s songs as well as co-written songs with other musicians.

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Calum Hood Wiki, Net Worth

Full Name: Calum Thomas Hood

Nickname: Cal, Cal Pal, Caly

Birth date: January 25, 1996

Age: 26

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 6′ 0″

Instagram: Click here

Calum Hood Biography: 5 SURPRISING FACTS

Hood claims to have a soft spot for intelligent brown-haired women.

Hood was selected to represent Australia in soccer, but he chose to pursue a career in music instead.

He has seventeen tattoos in total.

He initially encouraged and inspired his band to begin composing music.

No, we’re not talking about the electronic gadget apple; Hood adores apples!


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