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Drew Carey Biography: Age, Height, Birthday, Family, Net Worth

Drew Carey Biography: Born on May 23, 1958, Drew Carey is an established comedian, actor, and game show presenter. Carey served in the United States Marine Corps prior to entering the entertainment business. In addition to starring in his own sitcom, “The Drew Carey Show,” he also hosted the American version of the improvised comedy programme “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Both broadcast on the ABC Network. He has been involved in a variety of artistic endeavours, including music videos, films, television series, a made-for-television film, and a computer game. He was also quite prominent in the stand-up comedy community. Since October 2007, he has also hosted “The Price Is Right,” a game programme. Carey has been an avid sports fan for many years, and his 2011 induction into the W.W.E. Hall of Fame was a major accomplishment. We are honoured to honour him with you today.

Drew Carey Birthday

Drew Allison Carey is one of our most distinguished and influential performers. He is successful in every aspect of his personality. Drew was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 23, 1958, to Lewis and Beulah Carey. His father passed away at the age of eight after suffering a cardiac attack. He attended James Ford Rhodes High School, where he played the cornet and trumpet in the marching band. In 1975, he graduated and matriculated at Kent State University. There, he was a member of the fraternity Delta Tau Delta. After three years, he departed the school, but not before being expelled twice for poor academic performance. 1980, immediately after graduating from high school, Carey enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. He served as a field radio operator for the 25th Marine Regiment in Ohio for six years.

As a result of David Lawrence’s conviction, he began his career in 1985. He was compensated for writing jokes for Lawrence’s radio programme. In 1986, he became the Cleveland Comedy Club’s master of ceremonies after winning the open mic competition. In 1994, he resolved to pen his own stand-up comedy special entitled “Drew Carey: Human Cartoon.” It was broadcast on Showtime and awarded the “Best Writing” CableACE Award. He gained prominence through his own sitcom, “The Drew Carey Show.” It premiered on ABC in 1995. During his time on “The Drew Carey Show,” he began hosting the American version of the improvised comedy programme “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” This occurred in 1998, the same year that the New York Friars’ Club inducted him into the Comedy Central Roast.

Since October 2007, he has also been the host of the game programme “The Price Is Right,” replacing the previous host, Bob Barker. This occurred after anchoring another game show titled “Power of 10” for one year. In 2017, he celebrated ten years of anchoring the programme. Carey has kept a journal throughout his life, and in 1997 he published his autobiography, “Dirty Jokes and Beer: Stories of the Unrefined.” In his autobiography, he discusses his childhood recollections and his father’s passing. Additionally, the novel discusses his depression and suicide attempts. Also discussed are his college years preceding his career. It was featured for three months in the New York bestsellers catalogue. Carey has been an avid sports fan for many years, and his 2011 induction into the W.W.E. Hall of Fame was a major accomplishment.

Drew Carey Net Worth, Height

Name  Drew Allison Carey 
Birth date  May 23, 1958 
Age  65 
Zodiac Sign  Gemini 
Height  5′ 10″ 
Relationship Status  Single 
Net Worth  $165 million 
Social Media  Instagram 

Drew Carey Biography: 5 SURPRISING FACTS

His network’s executives refused to allow him to perform the fart sounds in his stand-up routine, but he eventually prevailed.

Prior to “The Drew Carey Show,” Carey nearly left the entertainment industry after failing to revive his stand-up engagement.

On the show, he donned the glasses without prescription lenses, despite the fact that they had become his signature look.

He enjoys board games and is particularly adept at Monopoly.

Due to his experience as a bank teller and server, he counts back change with expert precision.