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Haris Namani Biography: Age, Birthday, Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Haris Namani Biography: Love Island 2023’s resident boxer and youngest participant to date piques viewers’ interest. So, here is everything we know about him thus far, from his boxing history to his progress in the villa:

While we now know about TikTok star Will Young, science teacher Kai Fagan, and make-up artist Lana Jenkins, some fans have reservations about Haris, especially after his dramatic argument with fellow islander Shaq and the subsequent Love Island 2023 memes.

So, as we continue to get to know the new winter cast of Love Island as they search for love in South Africa (where the show is filmed), here’s the skinny on Haris.


Haris has flown to the villa in search of a girlfriend despite stating he has never been in a relationship, but what do we know about his life in real life?

Haris is 21 years old, making him the youngest of the 2023 contenders thus far. He is currently in a relationship with 27-year-old Olivia Hawkins, an actress and ring girl.

Despite his youth, though, he’s not the youngest islander we’ve seen on the show; Love Island has received criticism when 19-year-old Gemma Owen joined the cast of Love Island 2022.


Haris, whose mother claims he resembles football legend Christiano Ronaldo, worked as a TV salesman and boxer prior to entering the house.

According to TalkSport(opens in new tab), although his boxing record is unclear, he trains at the Steel City Gym in Sheffield, which is frequented by prominent boxers.

According to his Instagram, he has participated in a lot of amateur fights and has posted numerous boxing exercise videos.


Haris is now in a relationship with Olivia, having previously been coupled with Anna-May.

Olivia chose Haris in the first recoupling after bombshell Zara took Tom (the Olivia and Zara drama is wild! ), but Olivia still has feelings for Tom and thinks that Haris is not mature enough for her. Undoubtedly, Haris has found himself in a love triangle with Olivia, Tom, and Zara.

After a tense game of Beer Pong, the boxer has beef with fellow islander Shaq, who inquired about David’s kiss with Tanya.

Shaq did not appreciate his inquiries and referred to him as a “s*** stirrer” before the other male islanders removed them before tensions escalated.

The two subsequently sought to reconcile, but during their conversation, Haris told Shaq not to “dad” him.

Fans believe Olivia and Tom are still very much in the running, despite the fact that it’s still early in the game (to use a famous Love Island quote).

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Haris Namani Biography: Age

Haris Namani, a competitor on Love Island, is 21 years old. He is a native of Doncaster.

Haris Namani Ex Girlfriend

According to reports, Love Island’s Haris Namani dated Courtney Hodgson. Haris Namani’s ex-girlfriend Courtney Hodgson attacked him on social media when he was announced on January 9, 2023, claiming he had dumped her to be on the show.

As she commented on an Instagram post announcing his involvement in the reality show, she referred to him in a furious tirade as “the biggest player going.”

After finding he had left before the winter instalment, she fumed, “We were just at winter wonderland with my family six weeks ago.” Biggest player going!”

She released footage of them both cuddling in bed, as well as photos of them on a night out and a jet ski ride.

According to an ITV official, all Love Island contestants are single and looking for love.

Haris Namani Net Worth

Haris Namani’s net worth in 2023 is £97,000.

This is based on the worth of his automobile, technological equipment, and modest investment portfolio.

Therefore, Haris is the poorest character on the show.