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Lynn Ban Biography

Lynn Ban Biography: Lynn Ban is a jeweller from the United States who was born in Singapore. She has created one-of-a-kind garments for numerous celebrities, including Rihana and Beyonce. Ban gained notoriety after collaborating with renowned Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani, Lorde, and Kate Moss. She is also well-known for her role in the Netflix series Bling Empire: New York.

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Lynn Ban Net Worth

For a good estimate of how much money Lynn Ban may have, we must consider what she does and how proficiently she does it. A fine jewellery designer in New York earns approximately $65,000 annually on average. Lynn is not, however, like most people. More importantly, she appears to be doing well with her business, which she owns. Remember that a prosperous jewellery design business could easily generate millions of dollars annually. We believe Lynn’s income falls within this range because she has wealthy clients and a prestigious brand. Considering the preceding, we estimate that Lynn Ban’s net worth is close to $6 million.

Lynn Ban Bio

Lynn Ban is an elegant and charming Singaporean jewellery designer. She sold vintage clothing and worked in the fashion industry previously. Her first collection was purchased by retailers such as Barneys, Dover Street Market, and Maxfield.

Lynn Ban was born on May 27, 1973, in Singapore. Her parents currently reside in the vicinity of Orchard Road. Lynn’s father, David Ban, is a property magnate and the executive director of Venus Assets. Similarly, her mother Patricia, a certified gemologist, helped her develop a passion for fashion. But her mother quit her job to focus on raising her children.

Her father opened the Japanese restaurant Genki Sushi in Hong Kong and Singapore. Lynn and her family moved frequently because her father, a banker, was required to travel frequently for work. Lynn and her sister were raised together. When her family returned to Singapore, she was a senior in high school. Lynn attended Gallatin School for Individualized Studies, where she majored in art history and literature and received her degree.

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Lynn Ban Career

Lynn chose to remain in New York City following her graduation. Lynn Ban Vintage, her first collection, debuted in 2002 at Barneys New York. She sold used Chanel and Valentino clothing at the time. Lynn managed the vintage store until 2011, when she launched her own line of custom jewellery under the same name. Rihanna, a Barbadian pop star, was spotted on American Idol wearing a cuff that Ban had designed. This was a huge opportunity for Ban.

Later, her jewellery designs reached out to other notable music industry figures. Madonna and Post Malone are among the well-known individuals who have hired her. Ban’s primary objective is to create a piece that has never been seen before and makes a statement. Similarly, she desires to design something that is timeless, daring, and functional. One of Ban’s most expensive pieces is a custom-made full-finger claw ring with a 10-carat emerald in the centre.

Lynn’s jewellery can be purchased at the Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore at the flagship store of Club 21 for more than one hundred thousand dollars. Ban gained notoriety on Instagram, where she frequently posts photos of her distinctive outfits. Producer Jeff Jenkins asked Ban to appear on the Netflix series Bling Empire at the end of 2021. Jeff was searching for candidates to join the cast of the spin-off series Bling Empire, and he believed Ban would be an excellent addition.

When Ban received an offer from Bling Empire, she was both excited and anxious about being constantly filmed. Even though she had done numerous photo shoots and interviews previously, she thought it was a fun opportunity. Lynn also likes Christine Chiu, a Taiwanese businesswoman residing in the United States. From January to March of 2022, she participated in filming for the show. Other stars who have appeared on the programme include Dorothy Wang, Tina Leung, Richard Chang, Blake Abbie, Stephen Hung, and Vika.

She forgot she was being filmed for the Netflix series and decided to be herself. However, deciding what to wear became her greatest challenge because she had no idea what to wear. The highly anticipated Netflix show began airing for the first time on January 20, 2023. The reality show provides viewers with a glimpse into the private and professional lives of the wealthy cast members.

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Lynn Ban Personal Life

Lynn Ban is married to former MTV reporter and producer Jett Kain. In 1994, she met Jett for the first time at a New Year’s Eve party. Jett approached Lynn, who was dancing in high heels and a very short skirt, and asked for her phone number. However, she gave him the wrong number. A few months later, they reconnected at a dinner gathering hosted by their mutual friends. A few years later, they tied the knot.

In the late 2000s, the couple welcomed a child named Sebastian. Their adolescent child is currently attending a boarding school in London. Lynn Ban Jewelry’s public relations and advertising are managed by her business partner, Jett. She believes that her husband played a significant role in establishing their business.