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Kenza Dali Biography: Age, Height, Career, Family, Personal Life, Net Worth

She proudly represented France on the international stage, extending her career beyond club competitions. Her national team performances demonstrated her grit, contributing to France's footballing prowess and earning her a position among the country's football legends.

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Kenza Dali Biography: The famous French football player Kenza Dali was born on July 31, 1991, and has a net worth of $5 Million. Kenza Dali, a formidable force in the world of women’s football, exemplifies the global expansion of the sport and the emancipation of female athletes. Dali was born on February 31, 1991, in Le Blanc-Mesnil, France. Her voyage from childhood to becoming a prominent figure in the world of football is one of perseverance, talent, and unwavering dedication.

During her formative years, Dali’s passion for football flourished, and her commitment to honing her abilities led to an inspiring trajectory. Her technical skill and strategic savviness have cemented her status as a midfield virtuoso. Dali’s exceptional vision, precise passing, and ability to dictate the tempo of a match make her a crucial cog in her team’s gameplay.

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Her professional career has spanned both domestic and international football leagues and organizations. Dali’s contributions to women’s football have left an indelible impression, breaking down barriers and destroying stereotypes about female athletes. Her unrelenting pursuit of excellence on the field is paralleled by her advocacy for gender equality in sports, further solidifying her status as a role model and inspiration for aspiring athletes worldwide.

Dali’s accomplishments extend beyond the club level, as she is a vital member of the French national team and represents her country on the international stage. Her participation in prestigious competitions demonstrates her ability to thrive under pressure and contend at the highest levels of her sport.

Beyond her accomplishments, Kenza Dali’s legacy reverberates as a symbol of the broader transformation occurring in women’s athletics. Her accomplishments serve as a beacon of optimism, lighting the way for future generations of female footballers. Dali remains a propelling force in the global movement for gender equality and excellence in women’s football due to her skill on the field and commitment to advocacy off the field.

Kenza Dali Biography

Real NameKenza Dali
Date of Birth31 July 1991
Age32 years old
Height165 cm
Weight62 kg (137 lbs)
BirthplaceSainte-Colombe, France
ProfessionFrench football player
Zodiac SignLeo
Social MediaInstagram

Kenza Dali Age

Kenza Dali’s age is 32. The 31st of February, 1991, she was born in Le Blanc-Mesnil, France. Dali’s birthplace, a vibrant French town, marks the beginning of her extraordinary voyage as a professional footballer. Her age in 2023 reflects her transformation from a youthful, aspiring athlete to an accomplished midfielder with international renown.

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Dali’s contributions to the realm of women’s football continue to grow with each passing year. Her age demonstrates her experience, talent, and unwavering dedication to the sport. As a key figure on the field and a source of motivation off of it, Kenza Dali’s journey serves as a beacon for aspiring athletes and a testament to the enduring power of commitment and fervor in the pursuit of excellence.

Kenza Dali Height and Weight

Kenza Dali, a dominant figure on the football field, possesses physical attributes that complement her dynamic playing style. Dali’s height of approximately 165 centimeters (5 feet 5 inches) belies the immense impact she has on the world of women’s football. Her height, an ideal balance between agility and strength, contributes to her dexterity on the field.

Dali’s weight of approximately 58 kilograms (128 pounds) demonstrates her athletic prowess and robust physical conditioning. Her weight is a result of the hard work she puts into her training, allowing her to seamlessly transition between offense and defense and demonstrating her versatility in a variety of positions on the field.

The scrupulously honed and maintained physical dimensions of Kenza Dali serve as the foundation upon which her technical proficiency and strategic acumen flourish. As she orchestrates plays, dictates cadence, and unleashes powerful shots, her height and weight become indispensable components of her formidable presence, making her an indispensable asset to her team and a prominent figure in women’s football.

Kenza Dali Life Story

Kenza Dali Biography: Kenza Dali Biography: Kenza Dali was born in Le Blanc-Mesnil, France, on February 31, 1991. Her voyage from a young football enthusiast to an international midfield maestro exemplifies her unwavering passion, dedication, and talent. Her narrative is one of breaking barriers and defying obstacles, both on and off the pitch.

Dali has always had a natural affinity for football, a passion that has fueled her ambition to excel. As a rising star, she refined her skills in local leagues before embarking on an extraordinary professional career that has seen her grace fields in a number of countries and leagues.

Dali’s midfield prowess is characterized by her extraordinary vision, pinpoint passing, and ability to dictate the flow of the game. Her technical dexterity and tactical acumen make her an irreplaceable playmaker, as she threads intricate passes and dictates cadence with ease. Her journey led her to represent France on the international stage with pride and distinction while wearing the national colors.

Beyond her on-field accomplishments, Dali’s influence extends beyond the sport. She is a symbol of empowerment, using her platform to promote gender equality and to inspire the next generation of female athletes. Her voyage from a small town to a global role model reflects her unwavering dedication to breaking down barriers and challenging social norms.

The biography of Kenza Dali is a tale of victory over adversity, a narrative of a determined athlete who has not only conquered the football field but also become a beacon of hope and inspiration. Dali’s legacy is a testament to the transformative force of passion and perseverance as she continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of women’s football.

Kenza Dali Nationality

Kenza Dali, a luminary in women’s football, passionately represents France’s illustrious heritage. Born in Le Blanc-Mesnil, France, on February 31, 1991, her nationality is an integral part of her extraordinary voyage. Dali’s French heritage imbues her performances with a unique flair, embodying the spirit of a nation renowned for its enthusiasm for football.

Dali embodies the legacy of French football with elegance and tenacity as she graces domestic and international football fields. Her talents, honed in the center of her native country, have transcended national boundaries, making her a recognizable figure on the international stage. She exemplifies the technical skill and tactical brilliance that characterize French football with each pass, tackle, and goal.

Kenza Dali’s nationality is a source of pride and an indication of her dedication to representing her country with distinction. Her voyage exemplifies the transformative power of sport, uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds under a common national identity and a passion for the beautiful game.

Kenza Dali Career

Kenza Dali, a luminary in the world of women’s football, has carved out a career characterized by her unyielding determination, technical brilliance, and insatiable desire to excel. Born on February 31, 1991, in Le Blanc-Mesnil, France, Dali’s rise from local to international prominence exemplifies the transformative power of talent and perseverance.

Her career is a tapestry of extraordinary accomplishments and contributions. Beginning in her formative years, Dali’s innate passion for football propelled her through local leagues prior to her ascent to the pinnacle of her vocation. Her emergence as a midfield powerhouse was marked by her extraordinary vision, precise passing, and ability to orchestrate plays that leave an indelible mark on every game.


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She proudly represented France on the international stage, extending her career beyond club competitions. Her national team performances demonstrated her grit, contributing to France’s footballing prowess and earning her a position among the country’s football legends.

Beyond the level, Dali’s influence transcended limitations. She emerged as an outspoken advocate for gender equality, using her platform to motivate and encourage aspiring female athletes. Her journey from a determined young athlete to a role model for empowerment is reflected in her career narrative, which interweaves her commitment to challenge norms and champion change.

As Kenza Dali’s career continues to unfold, her legacy in women’s football is inscribed into the record books. Her voyage exemplifies the strength of passion, perseverance, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. Dali’s influence reverberates with each pass, challenge, and accomplishment, shaping the landscape of women’s football and inspiring future generations.

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