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Rutger Hauer Biography

Rutger Hauer Biography: Born on January 23, 1944, Rutger Oelsen Hauer was a well-known Dutch actor. His career began in 1969 with the title role in the Dutch television series “Floris” and soared in 1973 with his leading role in “Turkish Delight,” which was named the Best Dutch Film of the Century by the Dutch Film Academy in 1999. Following his international success with “Soldier of Orange” (1977) and “Spetters” (1980), he shifted his focus to American films such as “Nighthawks” (1981) and “Blade Runner” (1982).

Rutger Hauer Family

Rutger Hauer was born in Breukelen, Netherlands, on January 23, 1944, to Arend Hauer and Teunke Mellema. He was raised in Amsterdam. Due to his parents’ intense focus on their careers, he and his three sisters were primarily raised by nannies. At age 15, Hauer ran away from home and spent a year scrubbing the deck of a freighter. When he returned home, he worked for three years as an electrician and carpenter while taking night classes in acting. He then joined an experimental company for five years before landing the lead role in the wildly successful Dutch Ivanhoe-style mediaeval action drama “Floris” in 1969. This role brought him fame in his native country.

Hauer’s career took a turn for the better when “Turkish Delight” director Paul Verhoeven cast him in the lead role (1973). The film was a worldwide and domestic box office success, and its lead actor was invited to make his English-language debut in the 1975 British film “The Wilby Conspiracy.” However, Hauer’s supporting performance in Hollywood went unnoticed, and he returned to Dutch films for a number of years. In the years that followed, he appeared in films and television programmes including “The Hitcher” (1986), “The Legend of the Holy Drinker” (1988), “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” (2003), “Goal II: Living the Dream” (2007), “The Rite” (2011), HBO’s “True Blood” (2013-2014), and “The Last Kingdom” (2015).

In 2016, he served on the film jury for ShortCutz Amsterdam, an annual short film festival held in Amsterdam. Hauer voiced the character Daniel Lazarski in the 2017 video game “Observer.” Hauer was married twice. 1966 saw the birth of his only child, Aysha Hauer, who was born to his first wife, Heidi Merz. He married his second wife, Ineke ten Cate, in a private ceremony on November 22, 1985. In his 2007 autobiography, “All Those Moments: Stories of Heroes, Villains, Replicants, and Blade Runners,” he discusses several of his film roles. The proceeds of the book will benefit his foundation.

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Rutger Hauer Bio, Net Worth

Full Name: Rutger Oelsen Hauer

Nickname: Nick Parker

Birth date: January 23, 1944

Death date: July 19, 2019 (age 75)

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 6′ 1″

Relationship Status: Married

Net Worth: $16 million

Rutger Hauer Biography: 5 SURPRISING FACTS

  • As a classically trained actor, Hauer felt the script needed a harder edge after reading it.
  • Given this, it is not unexpected that he became a movie star.
  • Paul Verhoeven’s initial choice for the role of Robocop in the action-comedy Robocop was Rutger Hauer, but Peter Weller’s audition so impressed him that he changed his mind.
  • The Dutch Postal Service issued a stamp depicting Hauer in the 1973 film “Turkish Delight” in 1995.
  • Hauer portrayed vampires in a number of films, including “Dracula III: Legacy & Dracula 3D” and “Haemoglobin,” which both featured vampires.