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Vrishank Khanal Biography, Net Worth, Instagram, and relationship

Vrishank Khanal’s girlfriend Prajakta Koli revealed in an interview that she has been in a relationship for an extended period of time. The singular individual is none other than Vishishank Khanal. Two or three individuals continue to share attractive photographs of themselves on their social media accounts, flooding the Internet with their adorable images. His Instagram feed is filled with adorable images of the couple exchanging two or three high fives. For example, Prajakta just posted a photo of herself and her fantastic boyfriend with the caption “Thinking of this kid” on her Facebook page.

He is a seasoned legal practitioner who serves as Manager –Legal and Compliance for the renowned American corporation Morgan Stanley.

With over 61,000 Instagram followers, Vrishank Khanal is slowly establishing himself as a social media influencer. He is also an avid traveller, as evidenced by the majority of his Instagram images and tales. In addition to his work obligations, Vrishank enjoys playing guitar and travelling to strange locations.

In one of her social media posts, Vrishank Khanal’s partner Prajakta Koli disclosed information about their relationship. In addition, Prajakta Koli, popularly known as ‘Mostly Sane,’ is a popular YouTuber and actress. She has garnered a great deal of recognition for her humorous, incredibly realistic observational videos depicting daily occurrences.

Prajakta has also appeared in films like ‘Khyali Pulao’ and Netflix’s original series ‘Mismatched’. Throughout the majority of the chat, she is very frank about the man in her life who holds a particular place in her heart. Interestingly, the actress claimed in one of the interviews that she had been dating someone for a long time.

Ten years ago, Vrishank Khanal and Prajakta Koli met through a mutual friend. The two had maintained contact and finally grew close. Vrishank did not gain prominence until Prajakta posted one of their adorable photos to her social media pages.

Due to her business obligations, Prajakta Koli is typically on the move the majority of the time, so the couple catches up during their free time. Recently, Vrishank Khanal and Prajakta flew to Goa, and Vrishank posted photos of the trip to his Instagram account.

Real Name Vrishank Khanal
Birth Date 27 June 1993
Age 28 years
Birth Place Telangana, Hyderabad, India
Educational Qualifications BA(LLB) from Dr. DY Patil College of Law
Profession Law Professional
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Religion Hindu
Height 5ft 10 inches
Weight Around 80 Kgs
Hobbies Travelling and Adventure sports
Zodiac Sign Leo

Vrishank Khanal: Biography and Facts

Khanal was born on June 27, 1993 in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Currently, Vrishak Khanal is 28 years old. His parents were Hindu, and he was the only child they ever had. Vrishank completed his studies at a local Hyderabad school. During his youth, he had a significant interest in basketball and guitar.

Vrishank enjoyed playing the guitar and performed at random events during his school years. During his travels, he has participated in a variety of adventure activities, such as bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, and high altitude trekking.

Vrishank Khanal – Educational Background and Family

The lawyer completed his primary education at a renowned school in Telangana, India. Early on, he distinguished himself as a gifted student who was also interested in music and athletics. Vrishank travelled to Mumbai after completing his secondary education to enrol in a law degree programme at the Dr. DY Patil College of Law.

Vrishank Khanal – Occupation and Wealth

Before joining Morgan Stanley, Vrishank Khanal worked as an eDiscovery Service analyst at Thomson Reuters US Inc. His office was based in Mumbai, and his staff was a key part of the eDiscovery Point, Thomson Reuter’s internal document review platform. Regarding Vrishank Khanal’s occupation, his duties included the following:

Vrishank Khanal Net Worth

According to our estimations, Vrishank Khanal has a net worth of approximately $1 million. He holds the position of Manager –Legal and Compliance at Morgan Stanley. In addition, Vrishank Khanal’s compensation from the same position accounts for the majority of his overall earnings and is his primary source of income.

In addition, he has made numerous stock market investments and received a considerable return on those assets. In addition, he has a residence in one of the most prestigious locations in Mumbai.