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JAC 10th Result 2020

JAC 8th 9th 11th Exam 2023 dates: Dates of JAC 8th, 9th, and 11th Class Exams: The schedule for the eighth, ninth, and eleventh grade boards has been released by the Jharkhand Academic Council. (Jharkhand JAC Class 8, 9, 11 Date Sheet 2023). There will be ninth class on April 11 and 12, eighth class on April 13 and eleventh class from April 17 to 19. The OMR sheet will be used for all three of the exams. The 9th and 11th grade objective exams will be objective-based tests worth 40 and 40 points in each subject, respectively, with 10 and 10 points being awarded for internal assessment. The eighth grade will also include an objective test worth 50/50 points for each subject and a 100-point internal assessment. The school level will be used for internal assessments. On the JAC website, the admit card for students in Class VIII will be accessible starting on April 6, for students in Class IX starting on April 5, and for students in Class XI starting on April 11.

On April 13, there will be two shifts for the eighth grade examination. Exams for Hindi, English, and one additional language subject will be administered during the first shift, and exams for mathematics, science, and social science will be administered during the second shift.

Plan for the ninth The ninth-grade examination will begin on April 11 during the second shift. English, Hindi A, and Hindi B will be tested in this, while Math and Science will be tested on April 12 in the first shift and Social Science and other language subjects in the second shift.

Schedule 11 The core language exam for Science and Commerce students will be held in the first shift of the 11th examination beginning on April 17, while the core language exam for Arts students will be held in the second shift. On April 18, in the first shift, the examination of Physics, Chemistry and Account-BST of Commerce will be held in Science, while in the second shift, the optional subjects of Arts, first, second and third will be conducted. On April 19, there will be exams for the third and fourth optional science and commerce subjects, and an exam for the elective language of the arts during the second shift.

In class IX and XI, there will be an objective-based exam worth 40 and 40 points for each subject.

– Internal evaluation will be graded on a scale of 10–10.

For class VIII, there will be a 50/50 objective test covering each subject. There will be two shifts for the exam.

In this case, students will not be able to enroll in the 12th grade.

In the exam to be taken on an OMR (Optical Mark Reader) sheet from class 11, passing in four out of the five main subjects will be required. A student cannot enroll in class 12 if they fail two or more subjects. There will be 40-mark multiple-choice questions in each subject. At the high school and college levels, internal subject assessments worth 10–10 marks plus two will be conducted.