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MP 5th 8th Class Board test: The Madhya Pradesh board pattern test for the 5th and 8th classes will begin on March 25 and will last until April 3. State Education Center, School Education Department is giving these exams ( MP Class 5 Exam 2023, MP Class 8 Exam 2023 ). More than 12 thousand 3 hundred 64 examination sites have been set up in neighboring schools to ensure the smooth movement of students by the State Education Center for the examination. Dhanraju S, Director of the State Education Center, stated that special care was taken in determining the test locations so that these centers were not too far away from the various schools. Additionally, facilities should be accessible for pupils based on the capacity of these examination centers and schools. Along with students from government schools, students from private schools and madrasas will take the board pattern test this year.

According to the Director of the State Education Center, approximately 24.73 lakh students from 113422 government, private, and madrassas are taking these exams this year. Separate language topic question papers have been prepared for 18320 children from 427 private schools in accordance with the NCERT syllabus. Dhanaraju S also stated that the department has created a distinct IT portal to ensure the smooth running of examinations. Through which the entire test preparations have been completed online. Along with editing the work of verification of students, determination of examination centers, mapping of centers, distribution of materials, and so on, this portal also provides the facility of giving roll numbers and admit cards to examinees. Students’ attendance in the test will be tracked using this portal. This portal will also provide the ability to provide post-examination evaluation works and score lists.

Every eligible student is given the chance to take the exam.

According to the Director of the State Education Center, while instructions have been issued to all schools to include every pupil in these examinations. Even after that, if any student in class 5 or 8 has not registered by the exam date for any cause, the heads of the centers have been instructed to include them in the examination. Following the examination, such pupils’ technical information will be recorded.

These exams will be taken by students from 87 thousand 793 government institutions, 24 thousand 565 non-government schools, and 1 thousand 64 madrassas.

More than 17 lakh students in classes 5 and 8 of government schools in the state took board pattern exams last year. This system was introduced this year for all government schools in the state, as well as pupils in non-government schools and madrassas.