By | 31 Dec 2022 at 5:36 PM
National Skip School Day 2022 (US): Date, History and Importance

Teachers in Uttar Pradesh’s government primary schools are unable to apply for leave. The server of the Basic Education Council’s Manav Sampada portal has been down for four to five days. As a result, the Director General’s Office has directed all Basic Education Officers to collect leave information from teachers via WhatsApp group. Once the server is restored, these holidays will be updated on the portal.

Teachers can post information about their leave in their Block Education Officer’s WhatsApp group, and the Block Education Officer will post a list of such teachers in the Basic Education Officer’s WhatsApp group. This arrangement will be maintained until the portal’s server goes down. Teachers are upset because they are unable to apply for casual leave due to a lack of information about the server outage. This portal is used for online leave approval.

The Manav Sampada Portal is currently being updated. Council teachers are only permitted to take leave online. They must take casual leave prior to the start of the school day or face disciplinary action. The system is only available online, from taking leave to approving it. Offline leave is not permitted.