Full Swing season 2: Meet the Star Golfers Set to Shine

The upcoming season of PGA TOUR will feature a Full Swing, featuring adrenaline-pumping moments from featured golfers, providing unprecedented access to the sport's highs and lows.

Mandala Murders Series Set to Debut on Netflix – Release Date and Details Revealed

YRF Entertainment is set to release a brand-new series, Mandala Murders, on Netflix, following two investigators as they investigate a sinister, long-standing organization.

Bachelor Party OTT: Kannada Comedy Film with Star-Studded Cast Set for OTT Release

Abhijit Mahesh, alongside Diganth and Rakshit Shetty, has directed the Kannada comedy film Bachelor Party, which premiered on OTT in January 2024.

The Great Indian Kapil Show Season 1 Release Date on Netflix Announced

Netflix is set to release the Great Indian Kapil Show's Netflix, featuring Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, bringing a fresh perspective to the popular TV series.

Captain Tsubasa Episode 23 Release Date Revealed: More Action in Junior Youth Tournament Semifinal Match

Captain Tsubasa explores the Junior Youth Tournament semifinal match between France and Japan, focusing on Pierre's early years and the impact of Japanese goalie Wakashimazu's injury.

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The Monster Association is set to reveal the identity of Garou, a key character in the upcoming season of One Punch Man.

Paper Flower Chapter 77 Release Date: Unraveling Mysteries and Misadventures

Yeon Yoo-young, a young protagonist in the popular series Paper Flower, embarks on a captivating story of making paper flowers bloom, showcasing her unique abilities.

Under The Greenlight Chapter 60 Release Date: Dive into the Dark and Twisted World

Han Soohyun, a young director, and Lee Jaekyung, who have a secret connection, are the main characters in the Under the Greenlight series.

Total Recall (2012) Ending Explained: A Look Back at the Sci-Fi Action Remake with Colin Farrell

Len Wiseman directed the 2012 American science fiction action film, Total Recall, featuring Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel, and adapted from Philip K. Dick's 1990 story.
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Passion Chapter 92 Release Date: Jeong Taeui’s Life Takes a Thrilling Turn

In the Passion manga, Jeong Taeui, a talented agent, takes on a dangerous job under his uncle, navigating his newfound agency responsibilities.

Dune 2 Ending Explained: A Deep Dive into the Epic Sci-Fi Sequel

Timothée Chalamet, Josh Brolin, and Zendaya star in Dune 2, a thrilling sequel directed by Denis Villeneuve, showcasing their respective roles.