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Quest Supremacy Chapter 123: Prepare for the Unveiling Of Release Date and Other Details

Quest Supremacy Chapter 123 explores gang wars and strategic maneuvers in Gangbuk High School, with characters like Kyung Uijin dealing with card game-related issues.

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Quest Supremacy Chapter 123: In the popular webcomic Quest Supremacy, intricate gang wars and strategic maneuvers are explored against the backdrop of Gangbuk High School. Several characters in the novel, such as Kyung Uijin, have to deal with issues related to a card game that affects gang rivalries.

A supernatural element is introduced to the story with the introduction of different cards, each of which has its effects. The ever-changing dynamics between rival gangs fascinate readers as the plot takes unexpected turns, including strategic surrenders and alliances. In a world characterized by gang rivalry, the webcomic weaves together elements of action, strategy, and moral concerns into an engaging narrative.

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Quest Supremacy Chapter 123: Release Date

There will be a release of Quest Supremacy Chapter 123 on January 27, 2024. Regarding several areas, Chapter 123 will cover the following:

  • The document will be available at 4:30 PM on Friday, January 26, 2024, Pacific Time.
  • As of Saturday, January 27, 2024, it will be available at 11:30 AM Australian time.
  • On Saturday, January 27, 2024, 9:30 AM is the scheduled time for the release.
  • It will be released at 6:30 PM Central Time on Friday, January 26, 2024.

 Quest Supremacy Chapter 123: Spoilers

As of this writing, there are no spoilers for Chapter 123 of Quest Supremacy. No information has been divulged or leaked about what the chapter will cover. Stay tuned for Chapter 123 spoilers as soon as they become available on the official website.

Until then, make sure you don’t miss a beat when it comes to the next installment. We appreciate your patience as we await formal details from a reliable source.

Quest Supremacy Chapter 123: Raw scans

The producers have not released raw scans of Chapter 123 of Quest Supremacy. Raw scans are not available at this time. We will inform you as soon as the producers have released the official raw scans. Check back with us for any updates and we will pass along any information we receive from the official source as soon as possible.

Quest Supremacy of Chapter 122: Recap

In Chapter 122 of Quest Supremacy, the Berserker card abruptly causes Kyung Uijin to pass out, dicing things up at Gangbuk. Panihlo expresses concern, but Uijin reassures her that the card is not to blame for anything out of the ordinary. The plot twists when Panihlo yells out the Boomer card, which affects Sir Choyun.

The status effect prevents Sir Choyun from using the Boomer card, so his attempt to recruit a person to the West is unsuccessful. Uijin can free someone from brainwashing by using the Nullify card. The novel also discusses the difficulty of the card game.

As the truth about Ju Hakjin’s attack on Kang Seok emerges, the plot thickens and the Western Gangbuk High gives the impression of capitulating to the Northern forces. However, Kang Seok’s ambitions are leading some to doubt his sanity. As a result, some are beginning to question his sanity.

As they discuss Uijin’s conflicted emotions and Cheon Taeho’s ambiguous allegiance when they meet, Seonwoo interprets the capitulation as a chance to accomplish what his forefathers could not achieve without violence. An intense power struggle is about to break out because Cheon Taeho is furious at Ha Seonwoo for not taking advantage of his abilities.

Where can I read Quest Supremacy Chapter 123?

Quest Supremacy Chapter 123 will soon be available in English on Naver Webtoon.

You can watch the story unfold in its native language on Naver Webtoon and immerse yourself in the original content. For more updates on this fascinating gang-driven universe, you can read the raw original on Naver or view the official English translation on Webtoon.

We hope you have found this information useful, and please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and opinions. For up-to-date season information, please visit

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