By | 24 Feb 2020 at 2:48 PM
RBI Grade B Exam Notification 2019: Application process begins today; check details here

The annual examinations of Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University will start on Tuesday, February 25. Its preparation has been completed.

The examination will be conducted under CCTV surveillance. Two centers have been established for monitoring. At the same time, the STF will monitor the examination.

263 centers have been set up to complete the examination of DDU. Eight centers have been set up to deposit copies in the Mandal. During the examination, there will be a system of webcasting so that online monitoring can be done. DVNPG, as well as two centers, have been set up for its monitoring. Instructions were also given to keep the CCTV recording safe for 60 days so that it could be made available to the university if required.

The STF will conduct the surveillance, during which the government has entrusted the responsibility to the STF to crack down on duplication. Eight highly sensitive colleges will be monitored the most. 16 colleges are categorized as sensitive. There will also be special monitoring of the flying squad. Officials claim that duplication will not be allowed under any circumstances.

The papers will be kept in the strong room, the Controller of Examinations said that the students have been directed for proper, safekeeping of the question papers in strong form. The Kendras have also been instructed to reconcile the question papers and copies with the number of students available in the subjects of the examination to be held in their college and sealing the answer book in time and sending it to the nodal centers.