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India’s Top 10 NGOs 2024: List of NGOs who are making a difference

To help raise funds for their organizations, a lot of NGOs are collaborating with businesses.

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India’s Top 10 NGOs: There are countless NGOs in the large nation of India. However, a select handful are recognized to have a major effect on the nation. You will discover that every one of India’s Top 10 NGOs is engaged in some sort of humanitarian struggle.

These NGOs strive to accomplish the important task of promoting community well-being. They provide the finest assistance available to individuals who are most in need. Volunteers frequently work for non-governmental organizations. They serve the underprivileged, the young, and the oppressed.

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A great deal of people who are moved by these NGOs’ unselfish activities also donate to them. We are offering a list of the best NGO’s in India that you can donate to with confidence.

India’s Top 10 NGOs and How They Operate

Prior to our discussion of the top NGO operating in India in 2024, you should read the NGOs: What are they? NGOs, or non-governmental organizations, are charitable groups that operate independently of governments or states. Rather, they typically operate on a charitable or social goal and are supported by donations.

There are thousands of them in India, and they have been there for a long time. They include both local and international organizations, such the Girl Scouts and the Red Cross.

The three most prevalent categories of NGOs are scientific, educational, and charitable. People can contribute back to their communities by joining NGOs.

India’s Top 10 NGOs

India has a large number of NGOs, but not all of them are created equal. While some of them are small and employ just a few people, others are large and employ many people. While some of these NGOs assist in numerous areas, others concentrate on a single subject. India’s Top 10 NGOs are listed below.

RankName of the NGOArea of Work
1Child Right and You (CRY)Education, Healthcare, Education, Protection from child labour/ child marriage
2HelpAge IndiaHealthcare, Livelihood, Education, Environment, Water, Sanitation, Access & Infrastructure, and Disaster Relief
3Smile FoundationEducation, Livelihood, Disaster Relief, Healthcare, and Women Empowerment
4Care IndiaLivelihood, Education, Disaster Relief, Health, etc.
5PrathamChildren Education
6Salaam Baalak TrustEducation for Street Children
7GoonjClothing for Everyone
8Nanhi KaliEducation for underprivileged girls in India
9SaveLIFE FoundationRoad Safety in India
10MSF IndiaProviding Medicinal Aids at the time of crisis

Information about India’s Most Trusted NGO

1. Child Rights and You (CRY)

An organization called Child Rights and You (CRY) seeks to eradicate child exploitation and abuse. It advocates for change, collaborates with organizations, and engages the government to protect children. Since its founding in 1979, CRY has worked to guarantee every child’s right to a quality education. CRY works to guarantee that children in India can get access to healthcare and have a healthy life.

Year of Foundation1979
FounderRippan Kapur
Type of organisationNon-government organisation
Primary FocusChildren’s Right
LocationMumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi
Address189/A Anand Estate, Diagonally Opposite Arthur Road Jail, Sane Guruji Marg, Mumbai – 400011
Phone Number+91-9115911500

2. HelpAge India

A non-profit organization called HelpAge India works to assist and care for senior citizens in India. The organization has been trying to meet the fundamental needs of the elderly, including food, housing, and medical attention. With assistance from many Indian individuals, it has already offered these services to millions of senior folks.

The group also works to promote awareness of the value of senior citizens in society and the dignified lives they can lead. HelpAge India is the first and only Indian organization to get the “UN Population Award 2020” in recognition of its efforts to support older adults and provide help during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Year of Foundation1978
FounderMr. Jackson Cole, Samson Daniel
Type of organisationNon-government organisation
Primary FocusHelping the Elderly
LocationPan India
AddressC–14 Qutab Institutional Area New Delhi – 110016,,
Phone Number1800-180-1253

3. Smile Foundation

Established in 2002, Smile Foundation is a remarkable non-governmental organization. This NGO’s founders were influenced by Peter Senge’s ideas and philosophy. Empowering impoverished children, teens, and women is the goal of this non-profit organization through market-driven livelihood programs, creative healthcare, and pertinent education.

The Smile Foundation has already won numerous important accolades, including the CSR Health Impact accolades 2020, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) America, BW Social Impact Leadership Award, and IPE NGO Excellence Award, which is supported by the Asian Confederation of Business and World CSR Day.

Year of Foundation2002
FounderShantanu Mishra
Type of organisationNon-government organisation
Primary Focusempower underprivileged children, youth and women
LocationPan India
Address161 B/4, 3rd Floor, Gulmohar House, Yusuf Sarai Community Centre, New Delhi – 110049
Phone Number+91-11-43123700, +91-11-41354564/65/66

4. CARE India

CARE India was established in 2013 and has been providing development assistance and humanitarian relief in India ever since. The organization is non-profit and is staffed entirely by volunteers. This non-governmental organization seeks to break the cycle of poverty and provide Indian women and children a shot at a life of dignity and opportunity in order to bring about long-lasting positive change in their lives.

In trying times, CARE India worked with state and municipal authorities all over India to reach out to communities and manage and contain COVID-19. Over 10 million people have been contacted and 2% of immunizations have been administered by CARE India’s volunteers through system building, community resilience, and vaccinations.

Additionally, see World NGO Day

Please be aware that CARE India is a branch of the 1940-founded CARE (Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe) International.

Year of Foundation2013 (as a separate identity in India)
Founder Arthur Cuming Ringland, Wallace Campbell, Lincoln Clark (Founder of Care International)
Type of organisationNon-government organisation
Primary FocusEmergency response, education, food security, water and sanitation, economic development, etc.
LocationPan India
AddressModule No. 411, 4th Floor, NSIC-MDBP Building, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi – 110020, India
Phone Number011-69200000

5. Pratham

An NGO called Pratham aims to guarantee the social and academic advancement of kids in India. Creating a world where every child can learn and develop into a life full of opportunities is their mission. Children in low-income neighborhoods can now access school because to Pratham’s creative programs, which are designed to assist Indian children receive the education they deserve.

This NGO helps children achieve academic success, maintain their health, and acquire the skills necessary to lead successful lives by offering resources and support to parents, teachers, and students.

How To Choose A Charity: Tips For Finding A Cause You Care About

Year of Foundation1995
FounderMadhav Chavan and Farida Lambay
Type of organisationNon-government organisation
Primary FocusEvery Child in School and Learning Well
Location22 States and UT
AddressY.B. Chavan Center, 4th Floor, Gen. J. Bhosale Marg. Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400021
Phone Number022 22819561, 022 22819562

6. Salaam Baalak Trust

Mira Nair established the Salaam Baalak Trust, an NGO in Delhi, with the intention of providing support, care, and education to children who reside and work on Delhi’s streets. Their efforts are concentrated on giving these kids access to food, shelter, medical treatment, and education. More than 119,000 kids from all around India have benefited from their successful assistance in obtaining an education.

Year of Foundation1988
FounderMira Nair
Type of organisationNon-government organisation
Primary FocusEducation for Street Kids
LocationDelhi NCR
Address2nd Floor, DDA Community Centre, Chandiwali Gali, Paharganj, New Delhi, 110055,
Phone Number  011-23589305

7. Goonj

Anshu Gupta, a recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award, developed Goonj. The organization provides clothing to refugee camps, homeless shelters, and areas affected by disasters. Goonj was the recipient of the Changemaker’s Innovation Award in 2004 for their School-to-School program. Goonj also sets up activity centers in village schools, distributes school supplies, and engages the pupils in extracurricular activities.

Year of Foundation1999
FounderAnshu Gupta
Type of organisationNon-government organisation
Primary FocusProvide Clothing to every who needs
Location23 states across India
AddressMadan Pur Khadar, Near Sunder Public School, New Delhi
Phone Number 011-26972351, 41401216

8. Nanhi Kali

An Indian charity group called Nanhi Kali is committed to teaching females in India, especially those from disadvantaged families. Anand Mahindra founded Nanhi Kali in 1996. At the moment, the Naandi Foundation and the KC Mahindra Education Trust jointly oversee it.

The program’s objective is to give girls a secure and encouraging environment in which to develop and study while receiving direction from Nanhi Kali staff members. Nanhi Kali collaborates with educational institutions, orphanages, and other groups that can offer girls a secure and supportive environment.

Year of Foundation1996
FounderAnand Mahindra
Type of organisationNon-government organisation
Primary FocusEducation for underprivileged girls in India
LocationPan India
AddressK. C. Mahindra Education Trust, Cecil Court, Near Regal Cinema, Mahakavi Bhushan Marg, Mumbai – 400001.
Phone Number +91-22-68975500

9. SaveLIFE Foundation

Established in 2008, the SaveLIFE Foundation is a non-governmental organization. The foundation wants to increase everyone’s understanding of road safety and make our roads safer overall.

Volunteers with a strong desire to change the world and a love for the cause manage this charity. The foundation has accomplished a great deal in a brief period of time. It has raised awareness of crash avoidance and crash scene handling. It has aided in both lifesaving and traffic safety instruction for people. 2015 saw a Times Magazine story on this organization.

Year of Foundation2008
FounderPiyush Tiwari
Type of organisationNon-government organisation
Primary FocusRoad Safety in India
LocationPan India
AddressD-10 First Floor, Harsha Lane No 3, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi, Delhi 110013
Phone Number+91-11-41091911, +91-11-41091910

10. India’s MSF

One global NGO that is well-known in India is Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). The NGO provides medical assistance to people impacted by epidemics, armed conflicts, and natural disasters.

They support the people in India, especially those who are suffering from the pandemic and those who are at risk of infection. Additionally, they support foreign medical teams that travel to India to treat patients. MSF International, one of the biggest independent humanitarian organizations in the world, includes MSF India as a member.

How Do NGOs Get Funds in India?

India’s Top 10 NGOs make money in a variety of ways. Below is a discussion of some of them.

Crowdfunding: NGOs can now raise funds for their projects using crowdfunding, a novel approach. Raising modest sums of money from a wide number of people is the aim of this technique.
The conventional approach to fund-raising is through walk-in donations. NGOs erect camps to gather funds. Donors can just stroll up to these camps and make their desired donation.

Corporate Partnership: To help raise funds for their organizations, a lot of NGOs are collaborating with businesses. This is a highly efficient method by which organizations can change the world and become more socially conscious. Both parties benefit from the cooperation, which gives the businesses access to new markets and clients while giving the organizations much-needed financing.

Online Fundraising: Nonprofits generate money for their causes by using online platforms. Social networking and other appealing websites fall under this category. Online fundraising has several advantages, including the capacity to spread awareness of your cause to a worldwide audience.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I establish an NGO by myself in India?

It is possible to establish an NGO on your own without having to register it.

Do founders of NGOs get paid?

The founders and trustees of the majority of NGOs receive compensation.

Which NGO in India is the biggest?

The largest NGO in India is called Pratham.

Which NGO does Salman Khan own?

The Being Human Foundation.

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