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The month of October indicates festivities and celebrations in India and all across the globe. It is essential to have an insightful perspective on all the events happening in a month and reminisce their importance in a traditional, cultural or formal way, as applicable. Thus, it is always for the best if one is equipped with events falling on distinctive dates in a month. Here, we have provided all the Important Days in the month. Keep reading to know about the dates for cultural, formal, traditional, religious events in India.

1. October 1st, 2022:

The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of the importance of elderly people and to recognize the contributions they have made to society.

On December 14, 1990, the United Nations General Assembly established the International Day of Older Persons on October 1.

An important part of the commemoration is the efforts of the World Health Organisation (WHO) to increase public awareness.

2. October 2nd, 2022:

Gandhi Jayanti commemorates Mahatma Gandhi’s birth. 1869 is the birth year of Gandhi. The founder of the nonviolent movement, he was known as “Bapu.” He is also known as “the father of the nation.” Today is also recognized as International Day of Nonviolence. June 15, 2007, marked the adoption of a resolution by the United Nations General Assembly.

3. October 4th, 2022:

In recognition of International Disaster Risk Reduction Day, there was an event. In honour of this day, we remind ourselves that disasters are preventable, and that mitigation measures can lessen their impact if they are detected early enough.

4. October 5th, 2022:

It’s World Animal Day! There is a great deal of appreciation for animals and the environments they live in around the world. UNES was established in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly to promote global cooperation on environmental issues and safeguard the environment.

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5. October 8th, 2022:

A number of senior government officials and the IAF’s Chiefs of all three of his armed forces attended the Indian Air Force’s celebration of Indian Air Force Day at Hindon Base. As part of this celebration, there will be an air display.

6. October 9th, 2022:

This day commemorates the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in 1874. In this way, the contribution, networks, and importance of postal workers to the global economy can now be demonstrated.

7. October 10th, 2022:

In order to increase public awareness of mental health problems, World Mental Health Day was created in 2010. Mental health is the topic for 2021. The day provides a venue for those involved in mental health to talk about their initiatives to lower the cost of mental health care.

8. October 11th, 2022:

In 1995, it was decided during the Beijing World Conference on Women that a day should be set aside to celebrate girls.
The It’s Our Generation campaign of the UN emphasised young females.

9. October 15th, 2022:

On the birthday of former Indian president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, World Students Day is honoured. The theme for 2021 was “Learning for People, Planet, Prosperity, and Peace.” On this day, Karam’s commitment to education and children will also be emphasised.

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10. October 31st, 2022:

Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s efforts to unite India are commemorated on National Unity Day, which is honoured in his honour. In 2014, the decision to mark this day became official.

In October, he had key events on these days in India. They have importance both locally and globally.

October 1  International Day of the Older person
October 2 International Day of Non-violence Mahatma Gandhi birthday
October 3 World Habitat Day
October 4 World Animal Welfare Day, World Habitat Day
October 5 World Teacher’s day
October 7 World Cotton Day
October 8 Air Force Day
October 9 World Post Day, World Migratory Bird Day
October 10 World Mental Health Day
October 11 International Day of the Girl Child
October 12 World Arthritis Day
October 13 International Day for Disaster Reduction, World Sight Day
October 14 World Standards Day, World Egg Day
October 15 World Student’s Day World Student’s Day (A.P.J.Abdul Kalam)
October 16 World Food Day
October 17 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
October 20 National Solidarity Day
October 21  Police Commemoration Day
October 24 United Nations Day, World Development Information Day Raising day of Indo Tibetan Border Police
October 25 National Ayurveda day
October 27 Infantry Day


Q. Why is October 2 a special day in the history of India?

   A. Birth of M.K Gandhi, Father of the Nation 

Q. When is National Ayurveda day?

   A. October 25

Q. When is World Food Day?

   A. October 16

Q. When is  World Student’s Day?

   A. October 15

Q. When is the International Day of the Girl Child?

   A. October 11