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Indian Festivals in 2022: List of famous festivals of India with updated dates

Indian Festivals in 2022: India is a multi-religious nation where numerous festivals are observed. All national holidays are enthusiastically observed by the population. In India, a nation of festivals, members of all religions cohabit. India’s numerous festivals are a fair reflection of its voluminous culture and customs. The most thrilling Indian festivals and festivities are described below, however there are many others. While there are celebrations all year long, the ideal time to visit is from October through January.

All communities and religions in India celebrate their shared culture. India celebrates state, religious, and local holidays. In this nation, there is a new celebration every day. Additionally, it allows you to schedule travels across the nation and take advantage of a number of gazetted holidays. Here are some important details to help you get a general understanding of all the festivals that will be celebrated in India in 2022 as well as their dates before they begin. You learn about the significance of well-known Indian festivals as well. 

The Shaka calendar, used in India, is regionally specific and is based on the lunar solar system. The 12-month, 365-day format of the Indian calendar is the same as the English calendar, but the names of the months are different. The first and last months of the Indian calendar are referred to as Chaitra and Falguna, respectively.

We must first comprehend the structure of the Indian calendar in order to comprehend it more fully. The Shaka calendar, which is based on the lunar solar system, is used in India.

Although there are minor regional deviations, the 12-month, 365-day rule is still followed. The Indian calendar does, however, modify the names of the months. The first month of the Indian calendar is Chaitra, and the last month is Falguna. The traditional names of his January and his February are adopted by those who don’t like them or aren’t familiar with them. The sites of Hindu festivals in 2022 will be determined using this version, particularly in rural regions.

These are 12 months by the lunisolar calendar.

  1. Chaitra 
  2. Vaishakha 
  3. Jyeshtha 
  4. Ashadha 
  5. Shravana 
  6. Bhadra 
  7. Ashwin 
  8. Kartika 
  9. Agrahayana 
  10. Pausha 
  11. Magha
  12. Phalguna

List of festivals of India in 2022

Month Festival Date (2022)
January Makar Sankranti 14th January
January Pongal 14th January-17th January
January Basant Panchami 5th February
February Maha Shivratr 1st March
March Holi 18th March
April Mewar 4th April
April Baisakhi 14th April
April Bihu 14-16th April
May Thrissur Pooram 10th May
May Buddha Jayanti 16th May
May Eid Ul Fitr 2ndMay-3rd May
July Rath Yatra 1stJuly
July Hemis 8th-9th July
August Raksha Bandhan 11nd August
August Janmashtami 19th August
August Independence Day 15th August
August Ganesh Chaturthi 31th August
September Onam 8th September
September Navratri 26th September- 4th October
October Durga Puja 3th October
October Dussehra 5th October
October Diwali 24th October
November Gurupurab 8th November
December Christmas 25th December

Finding the precise date to remember an event in India is the most challenging component of remembrance. This is because India is diverse, allowing for a variety of calendars. Numerous solar calendars, Gregorian calendars, Islamic calendars, Hejira calendars, festival calendars for 2022, and other calendars are available. This indicates that dates for numerous religious Indian festivals in 2022 are determined using up to 30 different calendars in India.

The majority of Indian astrologers utilise the Sharivahana Shaka Calendar, the country’s official calendar, to emphasise religious and secular holidays. Similar to the Gregorian calendar, this one contains 365 days and 12 months. Astrologers keep tabs on astrological happenings and forecast certain dates in 2022. Additionally helpful in horoscopes, banchans, and other astrological forecasts are planetary motions.